Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 13: “Too Close For Comfort”

After Andrea was blindsided last week, she joined Matt, Mike, and Ralph on Redemption Island. Needless to say, Matt wasn’t impressed to see her and the two had it out. For someone who’s so close to God, Matt wasn’t very welcoming to Andrea nor very forgiving. I mean, I don’t blame him…I’m just saying. The boys choose to welcome their new roommate by making her sleep on the ground instead of in the shelter with them.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Natalie is caught in between her strong alliances with both Rob and Ashley. Of course her bond with Rob is more strategic and is likely stronger. That said, there’s something to be said for the female bond that Ashley and Natalie have developed, shaving each other’s armpits this season.


For this week’s fourway battle, they have to navigate a handle through a table maze, then use the handle to smash a box where they’ll retrieve the puzzle pieces they need to put together a puzzle. First three to finish remain in the game while the remaining person is out. Ralph moves very quickly and is the first one done the table maze…

Andrea also had a strong lead but then started panicking and ended up finishing the table maze last. Everyone is then working on the puzzle. Ralph starts to lose his lead and falls behind during the puzzle. Mike finishes first, followed by Matt and Andrea. With that, Ralph goes home and joins the jury. Yes! I’m glad Andrea is still in it. I want her to give Matt a run for his money.

Back at camp, everyone is hungry and tired as food is scarce. Phillip pushes Ashley and Natalie to their limit when he yells about how they should eat less than the other guys because they are smaller. Natalie yells at Phillip, “Get out of our faces!” As Natalie and Ashley grow closer, Grant and Rob get nervous and decide that they want to get Ashley out. Ashley senses that she may be at the bottom of the food chain and feels that she wants to try to get a big move going now. She proposes getting rid of Grant to Rob and Natalie. Of course Rob tells Grant. It doesn’t seem like that plan is going to happen, but it was a good try.

Before the immunity challenge, Ashley starts to feel like she has to win this one. Little does she know, she’s absolutely right.


For this challenge, Survivors have to use fish hooks to get bags of puzzle pieces that they will used to assemble a hanging fish skeleton, all with one arm is tied behind their back. The winner will also win a room service, with a three course meal delivered to them at camp.

Grant gets an early lead, followed closely behind by Ashley. Seeing that she’s actually bringing it in this challenge, my heart starts pounding. I love routing for the underdog! Natalie, on the other hand, is bombing this challenge and has no hope in hell. Omg this challenge is so good! Towards the end, it’s between Rob and Ashley….but Ashley wins reward!!! She chooses Natalie to join her. How hilarious: They were going to vote her out, but she won immunity…AND Phillip tried to control how much the girls get to eat, and now they get to stuff their faces. Love it!


Now it looks as if Grant is going home after all. Nice work, Ashley! “I gotta vote your ass off tonight,” Rob says in confessional referring to Grant. Rob tells Grant that he’ll vote for Natalie. At first I thought that it wouldn’t be possible for him to do that, but then again, he’s so paranoid of Ashley and Natalie getting close that he may vote out Natalie after all. They’re “too close for comfort” in Rob’s eyes. Here’s how it played out:


  • 1. Natalie
  • 2. Grant
  • 3. Grant
  • 4. Grant

Grant is eliminated and now four people remain, and one more will join the game from Redemption Island. Next Sunday is the two hour finale! Who do you think is going to reenter from Redemption Island? Who do you think is going to win this game?!

  • Craig

    Mike will return from Redemption & will join Natalie, Rob & Phillip as the final 4 where, fingers crossed, Rob wins final immunity & chooses Phillp & Natalie to go to the final tribal. Rob will plead his case perfectly & the jury will realise that Rob played the best game and reward him with the title of sole survivor!!

  • Mike

    Sorry Craig

    I hope you are wrong man. Rob does not deserve to win, if just for the fact that this is his FOURTH time playing. It’s not fair. If anything (cant believe im saying this) Phillip should win. He played an awesome game, he confessed couple episodes ago that it was he plan to act a fool and get everyone to hate him, so people would take him to the end. So ask youself. Wasn’t it Phillip who played Rob? His planned worked. If Phillip is half as smart as I realy think he is, he will admit his plan to the Jury and confess he is not a crazy mofo!

  • Yves Gray

    Love the recap!