Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 12: “Tricky, Tricky”

Last week, in a double elimination episode, Steve & Ralph joined Mike & Matt on Redemption Island. In this episode, they’ll be competing in the first ever four-way dual on Redemption Island. Should be interesting.

Back at camp, the remaining Survivors are patting themselves for eliminating the entire other tribe. It’s a little overwhelming for Natalie though, who starts crying for no reason. “It’s hormone tears,” she says. LOL. Essentially, she’s just missing her family and regular life. Rob makes sure to comfort her because he says she’s his main alliance in this game. Cute.

In the morning, they get tree mail reading “Sprint Open First,” obviously meaning cell phone and FAMILY! They check the phone and there’s a message about them watching the Redemption Island challenge, but more importantly, they get videos from their loved ones. Natalie and Ashley were the most emotional ones. The peeps on Redemption Island also get to see video messages from their loved ones! How nice to throw them a bone as well!

Now, it’s time to watch the Redemption Island battle. Probst introduces an additional twist where the winner of the dual will get to see their loved ones in person. Each competitor has four tiles that they have to toss balls at to try to break them. One ball per round, and the first person to know all four tiles wins the challenge. The first three to get all the tiles stay alive, while the remaining person is out.

Here’s how it played out:

Matt: 0
Mike: 1
Ralph: 0
Steve: 0

Matt: 1
Mike: 2
Ralph: 1
Steve: 1

Matt: 2
Mike: 3
Ralph: 2
Steve: 1

Matt: 2
Mike: 4 – Wins in person love from family
Ralph: 2
Steve: 1

Matt: 3
Ralph: 3
Steve: 1

Matt: 4
Ralph: 4

As I suspected, Steve is eliminated and is now a member of the jury. Mike, the winner of the challenge now gets to see his mom…but wait, there’s a twist. She remains 10 feet away until he makes a decision. He can spend time with his mom or choose one of the following two options: (1) Give the opportunity to Ralph & Matt or (2) Give the six remaining Survivors that voted him out the opportunity. Mike decides to give it to the six, since he’d be giving the reward to the most people. This is who my son is. He’s a hero,” says his mom to Jeff.

Back at Redemption Island, Ralph & Matt aren’t too impressed with Mike’s decision. I think Mike make a smart move because the people he reward are the people he’d be playing with should he get the opportunity to reenter the game. The other two are not his concern, except for as jury votes. Anyway, Mike says God wanted him to give the reward to them, which was a nice “in your face” to Matt, who has used the God card plenty in this game. Is it just me, or is this the most religious Survivor ever?


At the immunity challenge, the survivors must untie puzzle steps and put them in their correct places on the stairs from bottom to top. Since Rob is great at puzzles, my bet is on him (unfortunately).

At the start, Andrea is in the lead, followed by Rob and Grant. Between the three of them, they keep alternating who is in the lead.

I was routing for Andrea, but in the end, Rob wins immunity. Afterwards, he is moaning in agony. “Hey can you guys help me stand up?,” he asks the people he just beat in the competition. Ugh, annoying.

Back at camp, it sinks in that one of them has to go to Redemption Island. Their plan is to vote out Andrea, while she thinks they are voting for Phillip. “Lovers are gonna be reunited,” says Grant. But then, there’s the possibility of them voting out Phillip, who is “Annoyance number one,” as Rob puts it.


As tribal council is about to begin, David, Julie, and Steve in the jury. When Probst starts probing, he asks Andrea how safe she feels. She says that she feels okay and thinks she trusts the right people. Eeeks! Apparently, nobody feels insecure at this moment. As Jeff puts it, “You’re so solid, somebody’s about to get blindsided.” Here’s how the votes played out:


  • 1. Andrea
  • 2. Phillip
  • 3. Andrea
  • 4. Andrea
  • 5. Andrea

Best line goes to Andrea, as she walks away from her tribe to get her torch extinguished. “Tricky, Tricky,” she says. Totally blindsided. I hope she and Matt get their revenge.