Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 11: “God Is Not Done Talking”

A lot happened in last week’s episode, and now Matt, Mike, and Julie find themselves on Redemption Island and are going to battle it out in this episode. After Tribal council, Steve tried to bury the hatchet with Phillip…after the wacko accused Steve of being racist. Phillip is like an angry version of Gary Busey on The Apprentice, except with less clothes. Busey was fired and Phillip needs to go too! The guy says he had a premonition (another one) that he was going to find the shorts that Julie hid on him – and…he did. Ugh…the madness continues. He’s eager to show up to the Redemption Island challenge and show Julie that he found them.

Speaking of Redemption Island, Matt seems to be at his breaking point on the island (after 21 days on Redemption Island) which may affect his challenge against Mike in Julie today. In this challenge, it’s Survivor Shuffleboard. They each get three pucks. The first two to land their three pucks in the end zone continue on, while the third person is eliminated from the game and joins Dave on the jury.

Matt ends up getting his three first. Then, between Mike and Julie, Mike gets it first and Julie is eliminated from the game. “God’s not done talking to Matt,” says Jeff after he makes it through. Matt seems to believe that God has a mission for him on Survivor. If that’s the case, mission partially accomplished because he inspired Julie to want to join a church and get involved. It was actually kind of sad because Jeff asked why Julie was playing the game and Julie mentioned her house was in foreclosure. Aww! I really like Julie. I hope things work out for her.

While watching the battle, Andrea felt like she was on the receiving end of some cold looks from Matt for being a part of backstabbing him. She starts feeling guilty and vocalizes them with her alliance back at camp. This leads to Grant and Rob having a chat about getting Andrea out sooner than later because she could be a bigger threat with her friendships with people like Matt.


For this week’s challenge, they also get chocolate cake and ice cold milk when they win. There will also be a twist that they’ll encounter later on. Oooh, I love a good twist! The challenge is a log roll battle, where they have to stay on the log longer than their opponent. Here’s how it panned out:

    ROUND 1

  • 1. Grant vs. Boston Rob: Grant Wins
  • 2. Andrea vs. Ashley: Ashley Wins
  • 3. Ralph vs. Steve: Ralph Wins
  • 4. Natalie vs. Phillip: Phillip Wins
    ROUND 2

  • 1. Grant vs. Ashley: Grant Wins
  • 2. Ralph vs. Phillip: Ralph Wins
    ROUND 3

  • 1. Grant vs. Ralph: Grant Wins

Booo! Of course I was routing for Ralph or Steve. I love cheering on the underdogs. So Grant chooses Boston Rob to join him for cake. Then Jeff says he gets to choose one more person. He picks Andrea. Jeff then gives them a mystery box that they can’t open and have to bring with them to tribal council.

At this point, the alliance in power is thinking that Ralph is a bigger threat, but they aren’t sure what the twist is. If it involves getting rid of another person, they are thinking they should get rid of Andrea as a backup. Trying to orchestrate a game changing move, Steve tells Natalie and Ashley that he and Ralph are voting for Rob. The girls went and told Robe right away, just as everyone does. Man, how does he brainswash everyone to do that – it’s tres annoying! As a result, Rob is thinking it may be better to get rid of Steve instead of Andrea if it comes down to it.


At tribal council, Steve brings up Rob’s cut-throat backstabbing from previous seasons, in an effort to get people to vote with him and Ralph and get Rob out while they can. Steve is right. Andrea and Ashley should have definitely sided with Andrea and got Rob out. He will take them out one by one because they are at the end of the food chain in that alliance. Here’s how the votes played out…


  • 1. Rob
  • 2. Rob
  • 3. Ralph
  • 4. Ralph
  • 5. Ralph
  • 6. Ralph
  • 7. Ralph

“Not so fast… grab your torch, head to Redemption Island,” Jeff says to Ralph. After he leaves, it’s time to reveal the twist. Steve opens the box. and reads the back of a card. They now must compete in the next immunity challenge and then immediately vote out one more tribe member. Wowza! Everyone gets a stack of cards studies them. Jeff then shows them a sequence of symbols that they must memorize for when they are quizzed. It’s sudden death. In the end, Rob wins immunity (which he clearly doesn’t need) and it’s time to vote.


  • 1. Grant
  • 2. Steve
  • 3. Steve
  • 4. Steve
  • 5. Steve

And with that, Steve is voted out and there are no more Zapatera’s left. There are 6 people remaining on at the main camp and four on Redemption Island: Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Steve.

I can’t wait to see the remaining tribe members eat each other alive. They need to get Rob out while they can!

PS: I can’t believe Phillip is still in the game. Rob is very smart keeping him under his wing, because the only way I’d give Rob a million dollars is if he was up against Phillip, who I totally wouldn’t trust with that much money. I guess in that scenario, who ever is the third person would automatically win in my books.

  • mary

    Rob is the only person deserving to win. The rest are too dumb.

  • Amanda

    Rob doesnt deserve to win, sorry. This season has been SOO easy for him to manipulate, they brought a bunch of moronic 20 something year olds to just worship him and they wont even play the game and get him off!