Survivor 22 Redemption Island Episode 10: “I’d Still Rather Die Than Keep Him Around”

After last week, Redemption Island now consists of the veteran, over-trusting Matt, along with newcomers Mike AND David. So, this week for the first time, these three competitors will face off on Redemption Island. At the beginning of the episode, the three of them try to make sense of this curve ball that’s been thrown at them.

Meanwhile, back at the main camp, it was Ralph, Julie and Steve against the rest. Also, Phillip has been getting crazier by the second…wearing a feather, speaking gibberish, and apparently getting premonitions. I’m not even kidding. Anyway, Phillip starts getting annoyed at how much rice Ralph, Julie, and Steve are eating. Keep in mind, each of the former tribes have their own rice. So, when he sees they are away from their camp, Phillip steals some of their rice. How would Buddha feel about that, Phillip?

Time for Tree mail…meaning it’s time for the Redemption Island battle.


The remaining competitors get to watch the three at Redemption Island battle it out to stay in the game: Mike, Matt, and David. They each get 150 wooden tiles that they have to use to build a “house of cards”. The first two to reach 8ft will continue on in the game. The third will be out and become the first to make the jury.

Off the bat, Mike gets a very strong lead…he actually only one stack away from finishing first, but he can’t seem to add the next level because the tower is wobbling. He is “flirting with disaster” as Jeff puts it. Finally he gets it, and shortly after, so does Matt. David is eliminated and will return to the next tribal council as the first member of the jury. The other two head back to Redemption Island and await their next opponent.

Here’s where this episode gets cray cray. Begin…Rice Wars. Rob and Grant start singing about overeating rice when Andrea discovers that they have maggots in their rice. Karma! So, they decide to dump the rice out on a blanket and separate it. Andrea then asks Steve & Julie if they can put their rice in their container. They say no, and that they would have to consult with Ralph as well.

Enter Phillip. He then starts threatening them because they wouldn’t let them put their rice in their container. Steve calls him crazy and a lunatic, and Phillip then pulls the race card and accuses Steve of being racist. Really Phillip? He’s the one who brought race into it when he started using the N-word. He even said “I’m like a black man about to self destruct. Bam, bam!” Seriously, this guy is a disaster. “I’d still rather die than keep him around though,” says Ashley. LOL.


At the immunity challenge, survivors have to build a multi stage puzzle wheel. The first 6 to finish move onto second round where they have to do a second puzzle. The first one done, wins immunity. Here are the winners of round one in the order they finished:


  • 1. Rob
  • 2. Julie
  • 3. Ralph
  • 4. Andrea
  • 5. Steve
  • 6. Grant

In the next round, Steve gets an early lead but then is surpassed by Andrea and Rob, but then Rob end up winning immunity.

Back at camp, everyone eats their feelings… I mean rice. Actually, mostly Julie, Ralph and Steve eat rice because they’re feeling like one of them is going home anyway. Julie decides to stir things up and she took Phillip’s shorts while he was swimming and buried them. I LOVE HER EVEN MORE! It’s actually brilliant – stir things up so his tribe mates see how crazy he can get.


First thing’s first, David comes in as first member of the jury. Then, as you’d expect, the discussion surrounds Phillip and Steve and the whole racist thing. Jeff was totally blown away and tried to understand Phillips bizarre logic. I have to hand it to Jeff, he handled the whole situation very well. It was a very delicate, intense discussion that I thought he mediated very well. The last question from Jeff is who stole Phillip’s shorts. “I did,” admits Julie. Ugh, no Julie! I didn’t want her to admit it in case it comes out in the votes, but whatever. Here’s how the votes turned out:


  • 1. Phil
  • 2. Phil
  • 3. Phil
  • 4. Julie
  • 5. Julie
  • 6. Julie
  • 7. Julie
  • 8. Julie

And with that, Julie joins Matt and Mike on Redemption Island. Phillip is still in the game. Great.