As you know, it’s Old (Espada Tribe) vs. Young (La Flor Tribe), and last week Wendy got voted out of the old tribe after they lost the immunity challenge. Since then, Jimmy Johnson has taken the lead of the tribe and is making sure things get done. Holly, on the other hand, starts losing her sanity without having her pal Wendy around. She ends up getting mad about Jill eating snails, which is not something to get mad about. Her tribe starts to feel that she’s mentally unstable. As they gossip about her, she listens in and hears that Dan is making fun of her. To release her anger, she goes into his bag, steals his $1600 aligator shoes and fills them with sand and puts them into the water. The next morning, Dan realizes his shoes from his bag are gone and paranoia strikes. Holly later comes clean. “She stole my shoes. She stole my shoes,” says Dan. “I’m gonna keep one eye on her and one eye on my shoes,” says Tyrone.

Meanwhile, at the Young Tribe, Naonka & Sash feel that Kelly B. may be a threat because of her leg, or lack thereof. Later on, Naonka gets paranoid and thinks someone took one of her socks, so she takes someone elses socks in return – Fabio’s. When he does so much as look at her, she snaps at him. This short fuse isn’t gonna last long.


At her wits end, Holly has a pow wow with Jimmy Johnson and says she doesn’t know if she can do it and she breaks down. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all,” says Jimmy and he convinces her to tough it out as they need her help.

Immunity Challenge. Tribes must first have people dive through the mud, underneath wooden bars, then dig through a stack of hay to find a ball – four in total. Once they do that, the must pass the balls, one by one, and get them into a barrel at the end of the line. First tribe to get all four balls in wins immunity and reward. For reward, they get to choose between a tarp with rope OR fishing gear (snorkel, fins, and spear). The older tribe can choose to use their advantage from last week, which will allow them to start with one ball already in the barrel and to sit a weak team member out. They decide to proceed with the advantage and they sit Dan out. The younger tribe has one too many people, so they sit Naonka out.

The older team has a lead most of the time until Holly struggles to find the last ball in the hay. When she finally finds it, they teams are neck and neck and the older tribe have lost their advantage. In the end, Tyrone nails all of his shots into the barrel for the older tribe and they win immunity and reward! They choose fishing gear. When they get back to camp, they discover that they were also given a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

Back at the Young Tribe’s camp, Kelly B is sitting pretty as she did really well in the challenge, proving to her tribe that her leg is not a liability. Someone is gonna have to be voted out so the scrambling begins. Kelly B. and Alina worry that Brenda and Chase are spending too much time together – a showmance in the works. Shannon talks to Chase about having to send Brenda home.

Chase doesn’t bow down that easy and decides to tell Brenda about people wanting to vote her out. She plants a seed in his head, suggesting that he take Shannon out instead since he’s the one scheming. Between the whole tribe, it looks like it could be a tie – 5 for Shannon and 5 for Brenda.

At tribal council, the tension is thick. Chase and Shannon go at it right away. In 21 seasons of Survivor, “I’ve never had an opening question open that much whoop ass like that,” says Probst. The drama doesn’t stop there with Shannon saying to Sash says “I’m gonna get this out of the way right now, are you gay?” WHAT!? Where’d that come from?! Shannon was saying it as if it was an insult as well. At this point, I’m over Shannon, and you know what, you can throw Naonka in with him too. She openly says, “Fabio, I don’t like you,” and I would hate to be on a tribe with her. She has so much attitude she doesn’t know what to do with it. Take a chill pill – they’re socks sweetheart!


1. Shannon
2. Brenda
3. Shannon
4. Brenda
5. Shannon
6. Brenda
7. Shannon
8. Shannon
9. Shannon

Shannon is the second person voted out. Good choice people.