Some of you may know this about me, most of you probably don’t give a shit… but I am a Survivor freak. In 18 seasons I have never missed an episode. I have yelled at my TV, curled up into a little nervous ball on my couch, trolled the internet for spoilers and fallen in love with a few choice hotties. Aras, Colby, Marcus, JP. Sandwich! As season 19 (Survivor Samoa) is about to kick off, online discussion forums are buzzing because nobody cares. Why? Turns out that Survivor 20 (filming right now and airing in 2010) will feature some of the most notorious and notable players ever.
Read on to find out more, but you have been warned. Major cast spoilers await.
For months, fanatics like me have been speculating about Season 20. Super Producer Mark Burnett had to have something up his sleeve to mark the big 2-0. Survivor 20 is going to be another all stars edition! How do I know? Because I’m a total Survivor geek and follow all the gossip at sites like SurvivorSucks and TrueDorkTimes.
The first big clue to rock the Survivor world was a court application by Season 1 winner Richard Hatch, AKA BFNGG (big fat naked gay guy), to get his travel restrictions lifted so he could participate in a second all stars.  You see, Hatch was recently released from prison after he was convicted for tax evasion! Dumb ass. The judge refused Hatch’s request so he will not be on, but the attempt let the cat out of the bag. Check out the story here.
Then, Survivor Palau’s (season 10) resident homo Coby Archa, started spilling the beans on discussion forums about his inside info. CBS asked more than 30 former contestants to come in for interviews/auditions. He was not one of them, but he did know who was likely on the show. Then other SurvivorSucks posters began piecing together the rumoured cast and premise- Villains vs Heroes.
To save time and money, production began filming in early August only days after the final Tribal Council for Survivor Samoa was filmed. Jeff Probst and the gang stayed put to film another season. As a result a whole bunch of Facebook profiles and MySpace pages started going offline helping to confirm which past survivors were in Samoa.
The list is pretty firm, but there’s still some speculation and uncertainty. Folks aren’t too sure how many spots there are or how many alternates they took. Without further ado, here is the list.



Rupert Boneham
Survivor 7 Pearl Islands and Survivor 8 All Stars
Rupert thought he could get away with just playing the provider role in Pearl Islands but was no match for the likes of Johnny Fairplay and was voted out 10th. In All Stars, he attached himself to hardcore gamers Jenna Lewis, Rob Mariano and ultimate winner Amber Brkich to make it to the final four before Jenna turned on him. Bitch.


James “J.T.” Thomas
Survivor 18 Tocantins
J.T., the southern country charmer, beat out city boy Stephen Fishbach for season 18’s crown. He actually blew Stephen out of the water getting all 7 of the jury votes. J.T. was a physical powerhouse who duped the shit out of Coach Wade, but needlessly turned on alliance mate Taj Johnson-George at the final four.


Tom Westman
Survivor 10 Palau
Tom, the hot older daddy firefighter won his season. He was on the winning tribe that destroyed Stephenie LaGrossa and her tribe of losers a record number of times. He made it all the way without ever receiving a vote against him, killed a shark and won 5 out of 7 individual immunity challenges.


Colby Donaldson
Survivor 2 Australia and Survivor 8 All Stars
Colby was the original hottie and runner up to Tina Wesson. He turned survivor fame and Texan good looks into commercial spots for Schick razors and various little acting roles. He was a physical powerhouse and clashed with Jerri Manthey in Australia. In All Stars, he wasn’t much of a force and was out pretty quick.


Ben “Coach” Wade
Survivor 18 Tocantins
Coach somehow made it all the way to fifth place on his season, despite being one of the most delusional, hypocritical megalomaniacs to ever play the game. The “Dragonslayer” thought he could change the game and win by keeping all the “warriors”. Down with the weak! What Coach couldn’t figure out is that Survivor is a social game first, physical game second. His social game was shit. He also claims to have been abducted by pygmy ass munching natives from the Amazon.


Tyson Apostol
Survivor 18 Tocantins
Tyson is the loud-mouthed, cocky, trash talking Mormon who was in control of the game before getting his ass tossed out by one of the greatest blindsides ever. He was Coach’s main alliance and therefore I hated him. He clashed relentlessly with Sierra… sometimes just to make her cry. There is still come confusion about him as there have been some updates on one of his social networking profiles.  


Randy Bailey
Survivor 17 Gabon
Randy found his way onto the jury after being one of Survivor’s grumpiest shit disturbers. He went out of his way to piss on people’s parades and generally hated every single person he was playing with. I’m not sure why he would ever want to do it again.


Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano
Survivor 4 Marquesas and Survivor 8 All Stars
Boston Rob is one of my all time favourites. He didn’t even make the jury in Season 4, but made enough of an impression with his crude behaviour, harsh accent and ruthless game play to earn a spot in All Stars where he dominated the field while falling in love. Rob backstabbed his way to the final two and then proposed to Amber Brkich right before she beat him out for the million bucks. The two then got married, came in second on the Amazing Race and had a baby earlier this year.


Mystery Contestant
Survivor 19 Samoa
Sources are speculating that the last male on the cast will be from the unaired Survivor 19 in Samoa, which means we’re gonna love him or hate him. This wouldn’t be the first time a survivor has done back to back seasons, but it would be the fastest turnaround. Rupert Boneham, Stephenie LaGrossa, Amanda Kimmel and James Clement have all done back to back seasons. Speaking of James…


James Clement
Survivor 15 China and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites
James is the lovable gravedigger muscle hunk who has become one of the franchise’s most popular contestants even after making one of the biggest mistakes in the show’s history. In China, he somehow managed to get himself booted even though he had two hidden immunity idols. Duh. Unfortunately, he was removed from Fans vs Favorites after a cut on his finger became dangerously infected.



Stephenie LaGrossa
Survivor 10 Palau and Survivor 11 Guatemala
Stephenie shot up the survivor fame ranks as the last member standing in her Palau tribe. Her team was obliterated and she was the only member to make it to the merge after she beat Bobby Jon in a one on one sudden death challenge. She managed to squirm her way through the next few votes to finish 7th. In Guatemala, she made it all the way to the finals before losing the crown to Danni Boatwright.


Jessica “Sugar” Kiper
Survivor 17 Gabon
Sugar was one of the shows most emotional contestants to ever make it to the final tribal council. She finished second runner up behind Susie Smith and winner Bob Crowley. Sugar spent most of the early part of the game banished on Exile Island where she quickly found the hidden immunity idol and managed to stay in the game despite people like Ace, Kenny and Marcus trying to manipulate her emotional side. In the end, she used the immunity idol to save Matty and oust alliance mate Crystal because he was a “better person”.


Amanda Kimmel
Survivor 15 China and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites
Amanda is Survivor’s two time loser. She has made it to the final tribal council twice and lost twice- first to Todd Herzog in China and then Parvati Shallow in FvF. As a result, she has spent more time playing Survivor than any other person. In both seasons, she proved to be a strong social player by making and sticking to strong alliances. She is also one of most physically capable women to play the game. She also has the distinction of pulling off two of the Survivor’s greatest blindsides. In FvF, she fooled everyone by playing a hidden immunity idol to knock out Alexis. And then she helped the remaining women convince dumbass Eric to give up his immunity necklace at Tribal Council so they could vote him out.


Courtney Yates
Survivor 15 China
Courtney also made it to China’s Final Tribal Council (it was a threeway with two girls and a gay guy) but lost to Todd as well. Courtney’s attitude, massive eye rolls and snide remarks place her as one of the game’s most memorable bitches. She hated being there, but her one and ones with the camera provided some of China’s greatest moments.


Sandra Diaz-Twine
Survivor 7 Pearl Islands
Sandra was the surprise winner of Survivor Pearl Islands. She was largely overshadowed by bigger personalities like Johnny Fairplay and Rupert, but she proved after 7 seasons that UTR (that’s “under the radar”) can win you the game. Famously, she told the jury during Tribal Council that she played the game as a vote for sale. She would vote for anyone as long as it wasn’t her.


Parvati Shallow
Survivor 13 Cook Islands and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites
Parvati made the jury her first time around with a strategy of looking pretty and flirting with hot boys. By the time FvF came up, she was determined to show she had game. She still flirted, but her early alliance dominated the game before ditching the men, blindsiding Ozzy, creating a super female fivesome and leading them to an all female final four. She won FvF by beating Amanda in the final Tribal Council.


Candice Woodcock
Survivor 13 Cook Islands
Candice who? That was my reaction… then I remembered. She was the athletic blonde who famously jumped ship in Season 13’s big twist. Both she and Jonathon Penner pulled off a mutiny by taking Jeff Probst up on his offer to leave their tribe and join the other one. As a result their tribe was 8 strong, leaving Becky, Sundra, Ozzy and Yul alone in a tribe of four. In one of the greatest narratives of the series, that four survived and became the final four.


Jerri Manthey
Survivor 2 Australia and Survivor 8 All Stars
What heroes vs villains would be complete without Survivor’s ultimate bitch? She famously accused Kel of sneaking beef jerky into the game in Australia and then proceeded to drive everyone bonkers, including Colby who engineered her exit. She was voted out 8th, but made the jury. In All Stars she tried hard to redeem her image but the public didn’t buy it. She even cried during the reunion show after being booed. She was voted out 7th, just missing the jury. Before she left, she managed to get whatever revenge she thought she needed by taking out studly Colby.
Ok. Here’s where things get confusing. The spoilers are not at all sure about the last spots for the girls. It looks like two of the spots are going to Cirie Fields (Survivor 12 Panama and FvF), Tina Wesson (Survivor 2 Australia and All Stars) or Sierra Reed (Survivor 18 Tocantins). The last spot up for grabs appears to be between Danielle DiLorenzo (Survivor 12 Panama) and Danni Boatwright (Survivor 11 Guatemala).


Cirie Fields
Survivor 12 Panama and Survivor 16 Fans vs Favorites
Cirie is another one of my all time faves and I really hope she gets a third try. Her social game play is perhaps the best we’ve seen. Despite her lack of physical prowess and the fact that she HATES camping, she has been very successful in this game- perhaps too successful. In both seasons she was viewed as too popular to take up against the jury. She made it to the final episode in both seasons but finished fourth and third. In Panama, Cirie pulled off what some consider to be the only triple blindside. Anyone remember that stroke of genius?


Tina Wesson
Survivor 2 Australia and Survivor 8 All Stars
Tina perfected a strategy that many still play today. She aligned herself with someone who would always have a bigger target on his back than her. She used her charm and wit to convince Colby to take her to the final 2 even though he would have had a better shot against the much-disliked Keith. In All Stars, she was one of the first ones voted out because many feared her clever charm.


Sierra Reed
Survivor 18 Tocantins
Sierra was Coach and Tyson’s nemesis. They picked on her, viewed her as weak, tried to manipulate and break her. Her time on Survivor was a struggle, but she managed to hold it together and turn the game against Tyson and Coach by selling them out to Taj, JT, and Stephen. Her rant exposing Coach and Debbie’s hypocritical game play was one of the best moments of Season 18.


Danielle DiLorenzo (Survivor 12 Panama) and Danni Boatwright (Survivor 11 Guatemala)
There’s confusion about which Danielle got picked, but neither of them really stood out to me. Sure Danni won Guatemala, but it was not one of my favourite seasons. Danielle was the runner up to super cutie Aras in Panama. I’m not sure why either of them are memorable enough to earn a spot. Here’s hoping these two are wrong and original runner up Kelly Wigglesworth makes the big comeback!
So who do you think will be on the Villains tribe vs the Heroes?