More Survivor 20 Spoilers: The Tribes Revealed


Back in August I wrote an article summing up all of the known spoilers and speculation about who will be on Survivor 20. There was some uncertainty about some spots, but the spoiler community seems to have nailed it all down. And now, online Survivor freaks like me know which notable and notorious castaways will be back and who they will be playing with. There are some serious surprises and quite possibly some wicked personality clashes.

Read on to find out who is on the Heroes tribe and who will be playing for the Villains. Don’t click if you don’t want to know.


First up… The Heroes

Rupert Boneham, James “J.T.” Thomas, Tom Westman, Colby Donaldson, James Clement, Stephenie LaGrossa, Amanda Kimmel, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper, Cirie Fields and Candice Woodcock

What an interesting group. This tribe is all about the men. You’ve definitely got more male bravado than you can shake a stick at. Tom, Colby, J.T., James and Rupert all dominated in the physical challenges. They all like to be providers. And, they’re all insanely competitive. The girls on this tribe could have it easy when it comes to having a bunch of butch hunter/gatherers providing food. Amanda, Stephenie and Candice will be able to hold their own in challenges and hopefully fend off a power play from the boys. Because you know those guys won’t take well to an emotionally needy play like Sugar or a smart social player like Cirie. I’m worried for Cirie. Her reputation as a brilliant strategist could put her in early trouble among a group of physical dynamos.

It will be interesting to see how long guys like Tom, Colby and J.T. can work together… if at all. Throw Stephenie in the mix and there could be trouble. They all played alpha male/female before, but there can only be one alpha.


Now for… The Villains

Jerri Manthey, Parvati Shallow, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Courtney Yates, Danielle DiLorenzo, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, Randy Bailey, Tyson Apostol, Ben “Coach” Wade and Russell Hantz

Where to start with this group? Holy shit! First of all, what the hell is Sandra doing on the Villains tribe? Is it because she beat America’s Sweetheart Rupert in Pearl Islands? With all the massive characters in this tribe she could once again take the under the radar strategy all the way to the title! Then there are Jerry, Randy and Courtney… three of the bitchiest and grumpiest people ever to play the game. How will they get along with each other or anyone else! How will Boston Rob, Parvati and Russell view each other? All three have shown they can be in complete control of the game and their alliances. Danielle is a total wild card in this. She would be smart to stick to Sandra and lay low. Two people that won’t lay low are Coach and Tyson. Both of them are crazy and both of them make a natural alliance. Those two things could make them early targets for smart players like Russell, Rob, Parvati and Sandra.

So far, I’m giving the competitive physical challenge edge to the Heroes. But the social scheming smarts of the Villains could prove unstoppable if they get numbers at the merge.

I think it will be an awesome season.

  • Brian

    Russell is smarter than boston rob, and he probably wont win because of how good he is, and people are petty and selfish, hes still the best player to EVER play the game……hands down

  • jeff

    sandra is gonna win. just like money in the bank…….lol

  • Vbmg152

    I Love Russell! I hope he wins!!! He’s the best player ever!!! Go Russell!!!

  • Dallas

    I can’t stand Russell…He’s lucky I’m not playing.Because if I was he’d be Survivor’s first missing person

  • Mel

    wow Emily, its a game…lol…you don’t like it there are options….A. Don’t watch B change channels and C shut tv off…
    I don’t understand how you can hate someone by there actions on television?

  • Amanda

    So disgusted with the self righteous jury coming down so hard on Russel. This is a game called HERO VS Villians, and Russel played how a villian should. He did what he felt he had to do to get to the end AND IT WORKED. They castrated him as though they’ve never seen, let alone played the game before. How you can sit there and glare and call him names for playing the game his way and stabbing people in the back to get to the final three? Well Rupert… Who out of your alliance would you have screwed over to get there? It would have had to be someone… You had more than 3 in your alliance. For Candace who betrayed her alliance for Russel, to then jump back on the witchburning wagon made me physically ill. Russel played better and took the heat the entire time, he is the ultimate survivor no matter what those bitter barbies on the jury decided.

  • David

    Sandra winning & Russell without even 1 vote, proves the jury isn’t about a game, its about revenge. Every player knows the 3 words: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay, and yet they stay pissed cuz someone is simply “SURVIVING”. IDEA: have the jury vote during the live show, that way every member can see the entire show & let go of what happened to them. Russell Hantz, idc what the jury said YOU are the best player & only player to keep the state of mind that its a game & not “Who hurt who, means u lose”. GOOD GAME

  • james

    how many votes did sandra and parvatri have?

  • Anthony

    Ruseell is not Survivor’s best player ever… he wasn’t even the best player in this season.

    Guys, I get the admiration for him… he gets things done. That’s his game. The thing is that his game is so sloppy… so so sloppy.

    He promises the world to everyone and breaks alliances basically every week. The show is about outwitting, outlasting and outplaying. He has to outwit them, not blatantly lie to them and then stab them in the back.

    Outwitting, outplaying are when you manipulate people into doing what you want and then still making them believe you are respectable.

    Russell had excellent vision, he really did. And he had the power of esteem. But he was hated moreso than anyone else as a person, let alone a player. He was arrogant, hotheaded and obnoxious. And he refused to play the game with any precision. Just throwing around threats and lies and people give him credit for being a smart player. He was just good at intimidation.

    Parvati truly should have won the season. She did everything Russell did but with more ease and a lot more skill. Sandra was excellent in manipulating Russell because he was so easy to manipulate. His ego was huge and easily swayed and Sandra worked him like it was her day job.

    Seriously, Russell didn’t deserve the victory nor Player of the Game (the fact that it was between him and Rupert was an even bigger joke).

    He doesn’t know how to play Survivor. He thinks he does, but he’s lacks social tact. Maybe he’ll be invited back… but let’s be honest, the next season he’s on will know how he plays and he won’t stand a chance.

  • Pat Buchanan

    Someone please tell me how Russell gets the votes from the viewers as “favorite player” and wins $100,000. That stinks. He sickens me. I actually stopped watching some as I was so sick of his face and his voice…..

  • waseem

    why isnt ozzy back he is the greatest player of all time

  • Bobby Kirsch

    King Russell vs. Bitter Jury. The ultimate season ^.^. Pathetic Jury. Lost my respect for all them.