Superheroes: HBO Documentary Trailer

Tonight (Monday, August 8th) on HBO, a documentary film titled “Superheroes” will air, telling the stories of real life people from all over America that dress up like superheroes with the intention to fight crime. Apparently, this is becoming more and more common.

Obviously, they don’t have any real powers – but they do have some interesting outfits, vehicles, and weapons. I think every guy (myself included) has once fantasized about having super powers and being a superhero…but these guys take it to a whole new level and make it their fantasies a reality (minus actual powers). Based on what I’ve seen in the trailer below, the bad guys would likely win against these guys – but at least they mean well.

The documentary has won several awards on it’s film festival circuit, and will debut Monday night for the first time on television. In the documentary, you get to learn what inspires these unlikely heroes and why they do what the do. Or try to at least.

  • Ak

    this show is hilarious!