SUPERFRUIT Debuts Playful ‘Heartthrob’ Music Video

SUPERFRUIT, consisting of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, released part one of their debut album, Future Friends, in June. A month in, the Pentatonix spinoff act has already released music videos for three of the LP’s tracks. This makes four. At this rate, they’ll have a video for all seven tracks before Future Friends – Part Two arrives on September 15. They make those artists who only release a video or two for each project look like lazy bitches 😉

Like their past visuals, the “Heartthrob” music video is a colorful affair. Love that the fabulously gay duo embrace their campy sides. I’m all in. After watching it, I’m motivated to organize a sleepover bash myself. Check out their latest clip below.

SUPERFRUIT ‘Heartthrob’ Music Video