Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show: Loved It Or Hated It?


I love “Viva la Vida,” “The Scientist,” “Fix You” and plenty other Coldplay songs, but no disrespect to the Chris Martin-led band, but their parts almost put me to sleep. It not for the colorful props surrounding them and other accoutrements, it was borderline boring.

Before you accuse me of being biased because I’m a huge Bey Hive card-carrying member, that’s not the case. Even Beyonce wasn’t in her finest form, showing a rare misstep when she almost fell during her dance routine. Though I will say, I loved her military-inspired outfit. It was a bit reminiscent of both Michael and Janet Jackson. Both of whom have headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. (Update: Apparently her outfit marked the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers’ formation)

For me, Bruno Mars was the scene stealer. Sure “Uptown Funk” is a bit overplayed but it resuscitated the show. Mars’ showmanship and energy are undeniable. I loved it when his crew had a dance battle against Beyonce and her “Formation” squad. I could’ve easily watched 15 minutes of that.

Another highlight was the brief nod to past halftime shows, showing clips from memorable ones. Martin also got nostalgic, singing some bits of past performers’ song, including Prince’s “Purple Rain” and U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

If you haven’t watched the show, check it out below. Sound off afterwards if you loved or hated this year’s extravaganza.

Super Bowl 50 Half-time Show

  • MarcoBJ

    love the double entendre @ last part

  • Looks like her own tale with her ex-toyboy xD

  • Origami Rose

    It wasnt great. the national anthem performance by lady gaga was better than the halftime show.

  • I miss Katy and Lenny! That show was terrible

  • They rudely omitted Janet from the past performer montage… though she’s obvi one of the most memorable (though, for reasons CBS wouldn’t want to bring up again).