Check Out “Super 8” Opening In Theatres June 10th

In what I am classifying as E.T. for the Next Generation, this new J.J. Abrams written and directed film looks hella good. Steven Spielberg is also on board serving as the movie’s producer which stars Elle Fanning, AJ Michalka and Kyle Chandler.

The movie is set in 1979 Ohio when the US Air Force closed off a section of Area 51 and decided to relocate some of their ‘goods’ to safe location in Ohio. A group of six kids from a small town are making a movie on a Super 8 Camera when they witness the Air Force train collide with a pick up and derails into a section of the small. All seems fine until something emerges from the cargo bins of the wrecked train.

This will be J.J. Abrams first original film project produced by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot and Amblin Entertainment. With such an interesting story and solid cast, I think this film will be a hit this summer.

What did you think? Will you check out Super 8 this summer?