My Summer Workout Routine


So, I recently just changed my workout routine to integrate more cardio seeing as summer is just around the corner. Time to lean out and tone up after a long and cold winter.

My old routine was broken down into 5 days. See below:

Tuesday-Back & Abs
Wednesday-Arms (Bi’s & Tri’s)
Friday-Shoulders & Abs
Saturday or Sunday-Cardio

I honestly didn’t mind this routine but it only really works in the winter time since there is not much to do and being at the gym is quite alright with the shitty weather outside. During the Summer, I try to shake things up and change my routine so that I’m not at the gym so much which gives me more time to be outside and do more social things. The new routine breaks it up so every other day I lift weights and the days in between I do cardio to lean out and give my muscles a chance to recuperate from the previous day’s lifting.

Here’s the new Summer routine “The Tenacious Toner” (courtesy of my friend Joel from Oregon):

The Tenacious Toner

3 sets of 10-15 reps


Chest/Triceps Flat Bench Monday

Incline dumbbell

Decline machine

Barbell Skull Crushers


Tricep Push Downs

Tricep Extension

45 min  cardio Tuesday
3 abs exercises
Legs/Shoulders dumbbell shoulder press Wednsday
side delt raise
leg press
front delt raise
rear delt flys
dead lifts
military press
45 min  cardio Thursday
3 abs exercises
Back/Biceps Pull ups Friday or Saturday
dumbbell Rows
barbell curls
pull downs
cable rows
back extensions
straight arm pull downs
long bar rows
hammer/dumbbell curl
concentration curl
  • gay person

    is that photo of you now as in “pre toning” cause u look pretty damn hawt and leaner would be like ‘raisin-y’ but im sure ud look good then too but damn, im already drooling.
    stay sexy. xo.

  • thanks gay person…that pic was of me from summer 08 although i haven’t really gained much weight over the winter….i’m not as lean as i could be. so i’m doing more cardio with this new workout to lean out.

  • Rene

    Show off! :p

  • Jason C-K

    This is handy – I have had a very similar work-out in the past but am trying to shuffle a few things around… this just might be the ticket.

  • Thanks Jason do let me know how it works out for you. I’m into week 2 of this new routine and it is intense….I’m not used to doing 11 different exercises at any given day. But I like it so far 🙂

  • Warwick

    Would be interested in your diet too. Food is important (Hugh Jackman claims he woke up at 4.00am to have dry toast and egg whites to get in shape for Wolverine) and that’s where I struggle. Tips are appreciated… maybe you could share a typical week’s meal plan.

  • I honestly don’t diet…my eating habits are based on moderation. Anything in moderation. Of course I try to stay away from fatty foods and empty calories. But I do have cheat days. I’ll tell you more over email. I would need to know where you’re at in terms of your goals and stuff.