Although it didn’t seem like Summer was ever coming back West and here in the East, temperatures have started to warm up. We’ll soon be outdoors as much as we can enjoying beaches, pools, patios & BBQ. So what important items should you have in your Summer travel bag? Having these items in your bag allows you to maximize your Summer going from office to the beach. Here are 8 important items you shouldn’t go without.

8. Summer slip on shoes – I’ve been waiting to wear these awesome Houndstooth SlipOn shoes from Sanuk. They’re super comfortable from city walking to hanging out on the beach. Don’t be afraid to have fun with these slip ons, try them in bright colours too.

7. Tank top – So not everyone should be wearing a tank top but for those that can, OBEY makes great tank tops and you can find them at your local skate shops or online. If you really must wear a tank, please do us a favour and trim your underarm hair so you don’t look like a caveman and keep the silhouette on the relaxed side avoiding anything too tight. I myself prefer tank tops that just drape over your body in a relaxed fit.

6. Shorts – I really can’t repeat this enough, throw out your Abercrombie cargo shorts! Try flat front cotton shorts in a medium length. Come on, don’t be afraid to show a little leg this Summer. For the daring and for legs that are super fit, try shorter shorts that go halfway up your thighs. I probably wouldn’t advise going any higher than that because you don’t want “the boys” to fall out. If you know what I mean. Go ahead, bare those toned & tanned legs! Pictured above (Left: Marc Jacobs Right: Dsquared) are from my favourite Canadian online store SSENSE.COM.

5. Sunscreen – I wear sunscreen all year but in the Winter I go for a minimum of 15 SPF and in the Summer I switch to an 80 to 100 SPF for my face. For most people an SPF 45 is more than enough. My face tends to tan faster than the rest of my body so using a higher SPF on my face just gives it time to catch up with my body. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on exposed areas of the body paying close attention to the back of your neck, your shoulders and your ears (yes, people forget to put sunscreen there). Check out MASC for Jack Black’s Sunguard Sunscreen SPF 45.

4. Lip balm – Try to get a lip balm with an SPF, the lips are very sensitive and need sun protection too. One of my all time favourite lip treatment is Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25 which come in 5 different flavours. I have 4 tubes of this all over my apartment and in my bags. I don’t leave home without it. Check them out at MASC.

3. Hat – Pick a hat that will give your face some shade to avoid burning and premature wrinkles. Wear this together with some sunscreen for extreme heat conditions.

2. Sunglasses – Your eyes need protection too so why not do it in style. There are tons of styles out there, just stay away from the wraparounds of the 90’s like Oakley. Have fun with large retro styles like aviators & wayfarers. My pick this Summer is from the Italian brand called RETROSUPERFUTURE… Check them out!

1. Swimsuit – Pick a style you’ll be comfortable sporting from short shorts, board shorts, speedos & squarecuts. Because I don’t a tanline halfway down my leg, I tend to go for a european square cut which is much shorter than a regular squarecut but not as skimpy as a speedo. My favourite as of late are SKMPEEZ, great styles and super comfortable.