Summer is here and I am so excited! May 2008 I broke my right leg… What followed was 4 months of recovery, most of which I was lying on my back.  I had broken my leg in a particularly bad way, so I couldn’t walk without crutches for a very long time. Okay, I am telling you this because…  this is, in a way, the first summer I’ve had in 24 months.  I didn’t enjoy the beach, the park, the streets, of the court last year.  More importantly to me (occasionally materialist), was that I didn’t get to shop, dress, and feel the look of summer.  I am starving for some hot new summer fashion… As such, here is my summer hot list of trends I will be following this summer!

  1. FOOT style New kicks! For me every look starts from the bottom up. This year it is all about the New Vintage Kicks (Great Shop in Yaletown) but also a very relevant style that you’re going to want to rock.  Check out the stylish Nike Air Max 90’s (if you can find them).  Stay on top of the trends by following the limited release Retro Sneakers at To satisfy the designer inside, check out the new customizable Adidas sneaks at – This is a great choice if you don’t want to see you friends wearing the same shoes as you – creative control! My favorite is the mi Forum Lo.
  2. SHORT:  Your weekend wear will require a cool pair of shorts to kick back in.  My pick also includes some swimwear to throw on underneath just in case you get an afternoon text message to meet your best buds at the beach or pool.  For the shorts – leave the prints, checks, plaid, etc behind this season and go for a solid…  I love some of the different choices available in particular check out Hurley (a mainstay).
  3. Take a DIP:  For the beach you need to check out Andrew Christian’s sexy swimwear… In particular the bikini and square cut suits are not only fun and sexy but innovative with the signature Andrew Christian flare.
  4. DENIM:  As the summer heat fades into a beautiful sunset we retreat home to a cool shower, some aloe vera to cool the burn and a slim fitting pair of jeans to make your evening look.  For this I have two choices.  The clear first choice is a new pair of William Rast jeans (Often referred to the the Justin Timberlake jeans).  There are some great new fades to help you stand out this summer.  William Rast does it right and lets others know that your a serious fashion player!  Not cheap, but nothing worth while ever is 😉 My guilty jeans pleasure this year is a new pair of gray faded Levi’s 514 (Under 50 bones)… Gotta love em!
  5. BODY rockin’:  This summer for me is all about the college shirts (Sorry bout the pic Adam but you’re part of the inspiration – love this look!) Check out Saks Fifth Avenue this season for a huge selection of University tees OR the college stores.  Another look that I am drooling over, although I don’t think I can pull it off like Geoff W, the basketball Jersey.
  6. ProtectSUN:  Glasses – I don’t just like these glasses, I love them!  I think you might need to be a pimp to pull them off but I still can’t stop thinking about them.  D&G Style 6019 – I like the silver but a true pimp would go gold.  Block – Don’t just protect your eyes this summer, give your dermal layer the attention it deserves and pick up my favorite sun block; Jack Black spf25 spray on sunblock. And don’t forget the lips with Jack Black lip balm with spf25 to keeping your lips smackin’; both available at
  7. SMELL:  The Cologne of the season is… If for nothing than the ad (James Franco: WOOF)… Gucci by Gucci gets my vote.
  8. TECHessory:  My choice will remain, as I’m sure many will agree, the Apple iPhone.  It’s more versatile than most of our boyfriends and will quietly slide into your back pocket when you’re done playing with it.  A confident companion while jogging or cycling, hittin the beach, cabining (there’s even 3G on Gambier), the list goes on and on and on…  One suggestion, if you have an iPhone, go immediately to BodyGuardz and buy their iPhone skin!  If you need help with instalation check out some of the videos on Youtube or call me and I’ll come help. This is seriously, the hands down, best case I have ever had on any phone!!  Bodyguardz is far more durrable and has better coverage than the competitors (I had their skin first and it only lasted a few months before peeling).  As for Apps, buy SimCity!  This classic is a pleasant throw back to my first computer and one of the first computer games I ever played.  You can still kill hours trying to build the ultimate city as mayor of your iWorld.
  9. LAST but not even close to least:  My favorite summer style pick… The ultimate guys accessory… A confident watch on your wrist.  My choice, a modern classic, the Rolex Submariner.  This Rolex favorite only got better in 2009 with the addition of a ceramic bezel which should be nearly impossible to scratch.  The styling reminds me of a great german car, perfect for all ages!  I love this watch!

That’s all for now… Summer’s not over yet thought :)

(Click on the pics below to see the full shot)