Summer Grooming Guide 2011

Summer is on the way so you better make sure you’re prepared for what the warmer weather brings. As you know, the sun can be both good and bad so you really have to make sure you take care of your skin. Being diligent in moisturizing your skin and wearing sunscreen are a few of the things that you should ensure you’re doing over the summer months.

In addition, to put it bluntly, with hotter weather comes less clothing and you want to make sure you’re comfortable in your own skin. When you’re confident and comfortable with the way you look (not what other people think), you can just focus on having fun rather than being self conscious about something.

As the co-owner of a skin care & grooming store (MASC) and website that carries the best brands and products available for men, I’ve given you some of my own recommendations based on what I use and what our customers really like.


Be diligent in moisturizing your face, morning and night. Being that this step is one of the most important ones in a skin care routine, you should already be doing this, but if not, start now. On a day to day basis, your face will encounter UV rays, pollution, free radicals, and wind among other things and your moisturizer will act as a hydrating shield, preventing your skin from getting damaged. It promotes cell regeneration and will help prevent fine lines and premature aging of the skin. You don’t want to look older, sooner do you? Didn’t think so.

My favorite moisturizer is the Vitamin E Moisturizer from (MALIN+GOETZ). It’s oil-free and they use fatty acids so the moisturizer really absorbs into the skin. Of course vitamin E is great for your skin too. They also have one with SPF 15 you may want to consider for the summer. I also like the Menscience Face Lotion and if you want to go organic, the Eyre 24 Moisturizer is also amazing. To choose from the best moisturizers for men, click here.


Just as the Baz Luhrmann song says, “Wear Sunscreen”. Protect your skin from those harmful rays that will cause your skin to burn and age must faster as a result of the damage. There are many oil-free sunscreens out there, or moisturizers that have SPF included so you can do two steps in one. Browse sunscreen & SPF products by clicking here.

If you want to get a quick tan or glow without the sun, you can always use a self tanner for your face. The Alpha Beta Glow Pads (which come in a box of 20 towelettes) are amazing for this.


Make sure you moisturize your body too. Just like your face, your skin will get dry which will lead to flaky skin. You have to be diligent about moisturizing your body daily. The best time to do it is right after you shower so you can lock in the moisture. Also because you’re already naked. *WINK 😉 You can choose from the best body moisturizers for men by clicking here.


Manscaping becomes more important in the summer because more of your body is exposed. Generally, what you do with your body hair is your preference. I think guys can look good with or without it. It just kind of depends. But really, it’s about what the person is comfortable with and there are no rules. If you’re not comfortable with your body hair, shave it off or trim it down. If you like keeping your body hair, just keep on top of it and make sure it doesn’t get out of control. That said, back hair is not optional and it must go.

The Phillips Pro Bodygroom is the best on the market, good for shaving it all off or trimming it down (in the shower or not in the shower). Personally, I use it for trimming body hair and I prefer to shave my chest with a Mach 3. Immediately after shaving my chest, I spray Post Shave Repair on myself so that I can avoid getting razor burn or ingrown hairs, etc. I haven’t encountered razor burn since using the Post Shave Repair. For some, the Bodygroom may be a better option for the chest/stomach, you just have to see what works for your body.


Don’t forget to use a lip balm with SPF! Nobody wants to kiss your cracked sandpaper lips. Keep them kissable! Jack Black Lip Balm with SPF 25 is by far my favorite because it works. They also have five flavors to choose from so you can always keep it interesting. Browse the best lip balms by clicking here.


Another thing you don’t want to overlook is your feet. With summer fashion comes summer footwear (aka sandals & flip flops) so you want to make sure your feet aren’t an eye sore. If it’s over your head in terms of something you are capable of addressing, you may want to consider getting a pedicure before your feet make their summer debut. I know a lot of people that do that at the beginning of the summer. Something to consider!

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Have a safe and fun summer everyone!