Summer usually means more social activities such as after work cocktails. Try this “Geek Chic” look for summer dinner parties or just kicking back and sipping beers at the local pub. You can go for the full look or just take bits and pieces to give it your own spin. Here are a few key items from Mr. Porter… I live for this online store right now!

How cute are these bow ties! Nowadays they’re no longer limited to dressy events… you can pair this with a nice crisp polo t to give your outfit a fun twist. (Top: Alexander McQueen Plaid Bow Tie $185 Bottom: J.Crew Selvedge Chambray Bow Tie $52)

The polo t is a classic that will never go out of style but please, do not pop your collar. Leave those to the Aberzombies & college boys. You can wear these on it’s own or wear it with a casual bowtie with the chinos below for a fun look. (Left: Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Pique $75 Right: Polo Custom Fit Pique $75)

Find slim skinny or slim straight pants depending on your preference and give it a couple of loose folds. Don’t fold them neatly into cuffs but just roll, maybe 2 or 3 however much ankle you want to show but not too high that they look like capris. (Left: Incotex Slim Fit Chino $350 Right: Incotex Slim Light Chino $300)

You can finish off this look with several footwear options and here’s 3 of my favourite picks. Again, depending on your style, any of the 3 would work well. A boat shoe, which are very popular right now and a returning classic, a driving shoe usually in suede, or a pair of leather sneakers. (Left: Quoddy Leather Boat Shoes $295 Center: Car Shoe Suede Classic Driving Shoe $395 Right: Converse Leather Low Top Sneaker $125)