Six Things I Love & Loathe About Summer

We all have our pet peeves and here’s a few of mine. As Summer progresses and the heat rises, more and more skin is exposed whether we like it or not. I know as I leave for Europe this week, I will be seeing a lot of this specially on North American tourists. Yes, I have time to write this and share my opinion on these specific things so deal with it, read it or skip over my post and read someone else’s 😉

1. Tank Tops

Basic tanks are always sexy specially when they’re not as tight, one that loosely hangs on your body to keep you cool. Stay away from the square cut tanks that make you look like you’re wearing a camisole. Eww.

Love: Classic relaxed fit basic Tanks

Loathe: Tight Square-cut 2xist Tanks

2. Sandals

Keep it simple, flip flops are for the beach or when you’re simply just too hot (temperature) that you can’t be bothered to wear shoes.

Love: Classic basic rubber or simple leather flip flops

Loathe: Timberland or Keen sandals.

3. Shorts

Stay away from the capri pants or the super baggy shorts that go past the knees, keep cool by sporting light fabrics and above the knee lengths. There’s a place and time for everything and cargo shorts are one of them, wear them by all means for hiking or if you need that many pockets to store stuff in.

Love: Medium length to semi-short plain shorts. Only go really short if you have the legs for it.

Loathe: Capri pants and super loose and baggy oversized shorts or cargo shorts.

4. Body Hair

Now I’m not saying you should run to the bathroom and shave everything off and be smooth like a seal, all I mean is if you’re going to expose your body, take a little time to keep the hair in check and make sure you wax that back hair or slightly trim unruly winter leg hair, pits and pubes.

Love: Trimmed and tamed body hair.

Loathe: Natural untamed body hair.

5. Feet

I could not reiterate or stress this more, cut your toe nails, moisturize your heels. Who wants to look at your dried, cracked and nasty feet.

Love: Pedicured or maintained footsies.

Loathe: Ugly calloused, dry, cracked & nasty nailed feet in sandals.

6. Sunglasses

Going back to classics is key this summer, stay away from rhinestones and huge labels on your eyewear. Have fun with sunnies by wearing colourful plastic frames in yellow, red or blue. Leave the white sunglasses for the heteros and douchebags.

Love: Simply dark black sunglasses, maybe a classic RayBan Wayfarer.

Loathe: White wraparound douchebag sunglasses.

There’s nothing wrong with looking in the mirror before you leave the house and taking the time to put yourself together instead of just haphazardly throwing something on in the hopes that it looks ok. What are your pet peeves that you usually see come out in the Summer?

  • bobbie

    oh my God,really? your going to tell people to wear those sunglass’s? what the hell? are you twelve? i agree,the white ones are douchey,but COME ON! are hyper color,Punky Brewster colored specs that much better? what “man” would wear those? more like “man-boy”….and thats shit is so fucking “look at how ‘quirky’ i am”….ugh…

  • Dan

    bobbie – I would wear those sunglasses in a heartbeat, and I’d have to say I’m the farther thing from a man-boy…

  • bobbie

    Dan- well tell me,whats the appeal? they look cheap,and they are also not a very flattering shape…to say nothing of the pseudo “ironic” nature of their comeback in fashion;kinda’ forced,no?…just wondering…and you maleness in not in question,i promise….wink.

  • bobbie

    btw,i agree with the rest of the post…;-)

  • I’m always so afraid of Redd’s posts lol. I’m usually doing at LEAST one thing in the loathe corner. 😉

  • Dave

    I’m with you Rich. I like both types of Tanks