The street summer look can be worn in many different ways depending on how you put each piece together. The basic components are a ballcap, a graphic tee or a tank top, denim shorts (usually folded just above the knee) and hi-top sneakers.

The ballcap is usually sports team oriented and worn with a flat brim. You know back in the day when you would curve the brim of a baseball hat? Although still popular, the flat brim style is usually preferred with this look. (Above: $25 to $45 both from

The tshirt is usually a graphic tee which can range from different brands and graphics in a very light cotton to keep cool. The tank top again is the same but the fit is usually more relaxed and not too close to the body. It’s a tank and if you have a great body it will show enough without having to go too tight.

The shorts can be denim but is usually a pair of old jeans that’s been cut off and folded just above the knee. The key to the denim is that the cut is a bit more fit that a regular shorts pattern. You can also wear these with looser and longer shorts that fall just over the knee or with a pair of basketball shorts. Because I’m short, I stay away from the basketball shorts because they’re super baggy and very long. (Above: Vintage Levi’s Cutoff Denim Shorts $29 & $49 both from

The sneakers are usually mid or hi-tops and range from brands such as Adidas, Osiris, Nike and lots more. The colours are super bold and bright and worn with ankle socks so no sockline shows. (Above: $119 to $169 both from

The accessories can be one or a combination of a few of these things like a bright & bold watch usually in rubber or maybe an oversized Nixon watch in gold or silver. Chains and dogtags can also be worn with this look but don’t overdo it or you’ll look like you’re wearing a Mr. T starter kit. And lastly, a pair of oversized sunglasses to finish it off. (Left: Kris Van Assche Bolt Necklace $325 from Right: Nixon 51-30 Chrono $600 from