Sue’s Corner: “Sneaky Gays”


Half the reason why I love this show: Sue Sylvestor aka Jane Lynch. She’s absolutely amazeballs in this role and this promo clip for Season 2 of Glee just reiterates that. In this week’s Sue’s Corner promo clip, Sue’s got another bee in her bonnet, and she talks about being fed up with “Sneaky Gays,” gays that are not as obvious as they used to be. This is obviously made even funnier with Jane Lynch herself being a lesbian and a member of the board for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center in real life.

Sue even brings up the household gay names, Neil Patrick Harris and Adam Lambert, giving them some suggestions on being more obviously gay – and not so sneaky. “We should be able to see a gay coming a mile away,” says Sue. One of my favorite lines? “I want pencil-thin drawn on eyebrows, botox, and lips so full of collagen that you look like a Real Housewife of whatever region you happen to be living in.”