Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Are you ready to get Sucker Punch‘d? I thought I was until this movie completely blew every expectation I had out of the water. Director Zach Snyder has done it again. With his gorgeous cinematography, amazing style and great story concept, I think this is my favorite movie of the year so far. Here is a quick synopsis of the story.

A young girl (Baby Doll) is locked away in a mental asylum by her wicked stepfather where she will undergo a lobotomy in 5 days time. Faced with unimaginable odds, she retreats to fantastical world in her imagination where she and four other female inmates at the asylum plot to escape the facility. The lines between reality and fantasy blur as Baby Doll and her companions battle various creatures and enemies to retrieve the 5 items they need that will allow them to break free from their captors before it’s too late.

When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t sure how the action sequences matched with the dream world, matched with the real world would work because not much of that was revealed. Let me say that all of the transitions are absolutely seamless and really take the film to a whole other level.

As I mentioned at the beginning, what really captured my attention was the cinematography. But not just in the big action sequences but in the regular footage as well. Zach’s vision for the film was quite clear and made the experience something special.

With every action sequence and situation came a different style and as they progressed to complete their tasks, the technology advanced. The very last action sequence that takes place on a train with some robots is my favorite.

What will also get you going is the soundtrack that accompanies the film. In a big movie blockbuster like this, you expect big, orchestrated Hans Zimmer style backing. Instead, we were treated to some amazing rock and roll and my favorite moments were when Bjork kicked in. It really adds a whole other element to the film.

The performances by the actresses are stunning. There were three stand outs for me though. Jenna Malone owned her character and was so bad ass. I loved her. Oscar Issac played the creep so perfectly. You wanted to punch him but couldn’t help but love him other times. Great performance. Lastly, I loved Carla Cugino as the dance instructor/therapist. I highly recommend this movie because trust me, it isn’t what you’ll expect and the effects and concept will blow your mind.

Overall, I give this movie 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.

Sucker Punch opens in theatres today. Check out the trailer below.


  • Matt

    What a nice change – a positive review of this movie without dragging complaints about sexism and exploitation. Even my girlfriend enjoyed it and neither of us understand the wholesale negativity toward this movie. Is America so PC and offended by everything that we cannot even enjoy a cool movie once in a while without complaining like babies? Keep up the good work Zach. This film rocked.