Wow! ABC is really cleaning house with their renewed shows. First came word that Revenge was writing off an original character and now this. Suburgatory already lost the sexy Parker Young who plays Ryan Shay due to him taking a role in the FOX pilot Enlisted which was picked up for next season.

According to Deadline, the ABC sitcom’s firings are based on budget cuts and not creative reasons like Revenge. For a comedy, the show has an unusually large ensemble cast. It only makes sense they make some cuts. As long as it’s not Dahlia (Carly Chaikin), I’m cool with anyone of them leaving. Find out who won’t make it to Season 3 below.

Deadline is reporting that Alan Tudyk (left) and Rex Lee (center) who play Noah Werner and Mr. Wolfe respectively are the ones to receive the bad news. Personally, I never really warmed up to Tudyk and won’t miss him. Lee, on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed as the wacky high school guidance counselor. What’s surprising is that Lee was only recurring. His salary couldn’t have been that much.

The rest of the cast shouldn’t feel too safe just yet. Rumor has it more actors could be let go or reduced to recurring status. Clearly, the only ones safe are Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy. If I were Cheryl Hines, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell, Carly Chaikin and Allie Grant, I’d be shaking in my boots. As mentioned before, I just hope it’s not Dhalia.

What do you think of the axings? Will you miss either of the characters? Which actor would you cut or demote to recurring status? Sound off below.