Suburgatory” is easily one of my favorite new shows on television. It’s really surprised me how consistently funny it is, plus there’s some decent eye candy on the show. As sexy as the hottie neighbor’s six-pack is, for me it’s all about Cheryl Hines. IMHO, she’s the breakout star of the show.

I never watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm” so I’ve never knew the comic greatness of Hines. Her character Dallas could’ve easily been a suburban cliché, but she’s that with a heart of gold. Is it wrong that I want her to get it on with Jeremy Sisto’s character? While, we’ve seen Dallas’ generosity and sweet nature, we haven’t really seen her lose her cool. Well, that’s all about to change.

Dallas is about to go manicured toe-to-manicured toe with a rival, Tulsa. Don’t you just love that they’re both named after US cities? On episode 17, Dallas’ former sorority sister will make her first appearance on the show. She’s described as a “wolf in zebra print clothing”. During their college years, Tulsa took every opportunity to make Dallas’ life a nightmare. She stole everything from her her hot older boyfriend or her Olivia Newton-John leg warmers. The horror. Wait til you see who’s playing Tulsa. It’s of EPIC proportions. At least it is for me.

It’s none other than former Mrs. Mike Tyson the fabulously bitchy Robin Givens. Two huge snaps for the show’s casting department for pulling this off. Back in the day, Givens played a self-centered spoiled rich girl to perfection in “Head of the Class“. Along with starring in the 80s ABC sitcom, Robin’s other television credits include “Chuck”, “My Sister”, and film roles in “Boomerang” and “Head of State”.

But her biggest role is the one she plays in real life. Given’s highly-publicized marriage and breakup with Mike Tyson dominated tabloids years ago. She also was involved in an all out catfight with Holly Robinson-Peete (“The Talk”) during their college years. Plus, she dated Brad Pitt. I can’t wait for a tell-all book and movie from this woman.

What do you think of Robin’s guest starring role? Are you watching Suburgatory? Post all your thoughts below. For all you old-timers like me, thought you’d enjoy the following embed.

“Head of the Class” Theme Song