YouTube sensation, Davey Wavey posted a video yesterday about some of the “Stupid Sh*t Gay People Say“. The post was in response to a video he had done previously, talking about some of the thing that straight people say.

In this latest video, he addresses the topic of gays trying to turn straight people gay, the term “straight-acting”, gays hating on gays by making fun of how feminine they are or how high pitched their voice may be (as in the case of Davey Wavey), etc.

Watch the video and share your thoughts on the topic. Is there too much gay on gay hate still going on these days? Is Davey Wavey right in saying that this is just a reflection on one’s own insecurities?

For some more perspective on the issue, check out this Saturday Submission sent in a while back by one of our readers: “When Gays Hate Gays” or an article Tommy wrote on gays say other gays are “Too Gay“.