This week’s Sports Stud is a 30 year old English professional rugby player named Stuart Reardon. In terms of position, he’s versatile and okay with top or bottom… I mean, he plays as fullback, wing or centre. Get your mind out of the gutter, Patrick! Reardon plays for AS Carcassonne.

Aside from playing rugby, he is also a very successful model and has been featured in numerous magazines and sites – especially lately. He’s also graced the cover of the U.K. edition of DNA Magazine and has three more mag covers this year as well as a bunch of other projects. With a handsome face and a great body, what also makes him stand out is his tattoo, extending from his arm all the way onto his chest. It’s super sexy, and I’ve often said I’d like to get a tattoo that covers the same area… but I think it’ll look better on him.

“Tackle” his hot pictures below to see what all the buzz is about.

Stuart, pass me the ball! 😉

His body is so hot he needs a fire extinguisher.

Check out that hose!

Woof to those beefy legs. Love ’em!

Oh, hello there…. 😉

He’s just as hot with all of his clothes on.

Once you pop, you can’t stop!