Watch Glee’s Chris Colfer Get “Struck By Lightning”

Wondered what Chris Colfer did during “Glee’s” hiatus last summer? Now, you can see exactly what Chris did in this newly-released movie trailer. “Struck By Lightning” not only marks his feature film debut but also his first stab at writing a script. While he plays another high school student, his character Carson Phillips is vastly different than Kurt. Dare I say it, but he almost acts butch in the flick, almost being the operative word. Given that he plays Kurt Hummel so perfectly on “Glee” you’d think he’d be a one-trick pony. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There is obviously more than meets the eye with this talented young actor.

Struck By Lightning” is told in flashback from the perspective of Carson Phillips after he is struck and killed by lightning in the opening scene of the film. Carson is a highly-driven student with aspirations of one day becoming the editor of The New Yorker. With a very limited pool of writers at his school, the driven Carson thinks outside the box to recruit a staff of new reporters. He digs up dirt on the popular kids at his school and blackmails them to do his bidding. Co-starring with Colfer are Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding). Watch the movie trailer below.

“Struck By Lightning” Movie Trailer

  • dsp

    This looks good. Can’t wait to see it!

  • It actually looks good for a feature, full of great one liners.
    “-We will spread that shit like nutella!” lol

  • Paul

    He’s not singing and dancing but he’s certainly not “butch”. Looks ok, just don’t know if I can stomach watching him for over an hour…

  • Wow this looks really good. I’m kind of shocked…

  • Votta

    I’d probably watch the shit out of that.

  • rogelio

    he looks gorgeous in that picture, not like the fairy queen he looks like in most of the episodes of glee

  • Bella

    Its Amazing how gay people will go out here and buy anything gay thing madonna makes but when some one whos really is gay makes a movie that looks better then all her fucking bad movies they dont know if they want to see it. REALLY? Any ways it looks really good and im sure GLEE fans with make it a hit. Do your thing boo!

  • sean

    He’s gotten so much better looking, I hate his BF Blaine on GLEE though.

  • theotherlee

    i could be completely wrong.. but this sounds too similar to Glee, to me..
    High School Student – check
    Misunderstood Gay Kid – check
    Rag-Tag group of undesirables in a club – check

    doesn’t seem such a far stretch to me…

    I like Glee.. it’s “fun” .. and the music is *mostly* pretty good… This.. I’m not so sure about.


  • SteveDenver

    Rebel Wilson looks like the one to watch in this. Colfer is just playing himself again, only without the fab GLEE wardrobe.

  • Claudia

    Lol guys if you are homophobic what are you doing on a website for gays?

  • theotherlee

    Hey Claudia.. I’m a 40 year old gay man. Being gay doesn’t mean you automatically *love* everything gay actors do.

    I mean, I’m sure you don’t like every piece of work, even from your favorite actor.

  • isn’t that girl in the bus next to him from suburgatory?

  • Slade

    I think I will watch this movie only for the girl from bridesmaids cuz she is holarious and allison Janey but Kurt Colfer is so ugly and annoying and I cannot stand to look at him or hear his voice!!

  • Jack

    Rebel Wilson is fucking brilliant she is hilarious but ALLISON JANNEY will steal the performance in the film she is awesome. Allie Grant is the girl from suburgatory and was also on Weeds as the little fat huskaroo girl haha but she isn’t fat anymore. Chris wrote this movie himself and it is going to be a hit, completely different from his character on glee, it remains ambiguous if his character in this film is gay or not. GET IT CHRIS!!!! you have a great career ahead of you. This movie is going to be badass.

  • rebe

    I was not very sure about the project initially but when I saw the trailer I found myself very surprised, happily surprised.
    I do not care if he is gay or a fish, I think he has talent.

    I do not like haters without arguments or a healthy stomach.