Strictly Come Dancing Airs Same-Sex Dance Routine

Whenever an LGBT personality appears on Strictly Come Dancing, the conversation of whether or not said celebrity will be partnered up with a member of the same sex arises. While the long-running BBC ballroom competition has been urged to include same-sex dance couples, it hasn’t yet done so. The show somewhat silenced their critics by airing its first ever same-sex routine on Sunday night.

Strictly‘s professional dancers, who were paired up in same-sex couplings, kicked off the results show with an epic routine. They sizzled to a memorable number to “Believer” from Imagine Dragons. Check it out below.

BBC Strictly 2018 – First Ever Same Sex Dance

  • Ben

    nope, this doesn’t count when the entire song is mostly the usual boy/girl dancing with a small subsection with same sex dancing. You can easily see that in any dance video with a dance group. Come back when the entire song is just same-sex dancing, cause this is just grasping at straws.

  • TrevorZ

    That was absolute vanilla white-washed BS.

  • SupeFan

    Are we back in the 1980’s? If so, let me use an 80’s slogan: Where’s the beef? This was all bread crumbs.