Straight Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang

Earlier this fall, popular YouTube video blogger, Tyler Oakley did a video with these two cute & straight twin brothers and taught them some gay slang. The boys (who are from the UK) are also popular YouTube stars that uploaded a video teaching Oakley about learning British slang. Someone sent me the gay slang video this morning and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

The adorable twin brothers’ names are Jack and Finn Harries. Oakly first tackles the word twink, telling them that they’re serving “twink realness”. They then talk about bears, Grindr, kiki, and “throwing shade“. He then tells them the things he might say if he saw a hot guy: “Woof!” or “I’d sit on that!” LOL.

Watch the funny video below to see these two cute twins take a lesson in gay slang from YouTuber, Tyler Oakley.

Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang

  • >=O

    this put a smile on my face

  • Absolutely love the Harries!

  • Juan

    this. is. adorable. 🙂

  • abc

    What 2 gorgeous “twinks”!~

  • lawrence

    This is so old 😛

  • Mark

    I’m a fan, those faces and smiles are amazing

  • miko

    They r totally gay!