Str8 Tripping


What is a gay guy suppose to do when he’s out and about with his straight friends? Have an awesome time, that’s what! I love clubbing and socializing with my straight friends, Melissa, Ryan, Cheryl and Danai. They are a great group of friends that I like to hang out with when I can and when we do, we usually end up getting into a lot of mischief. I also like getting the chance to go to straight bars, which I would usually never consider going to, but the eye candy at the bars are worth it.

Recently, my friends had decided to take me to the Blarney Stone, which is located in the heart of Gastown, on a Friday night. I just got back from a business trip in the US and after two weeks of drinking their so called alcohol, I was ready for the real Canadian stuff. Upon setting foot on Canadian soil, my comrades in mischief called and convinced me to go out with them that night.

Meeting up with the gang, they were already prepping and you can tell by the general happy go lucky feeling you get when hanging out with buds. We headed to the Blarney Stone and I swear, it felt like I was in a sauna (think F212, only hotter) and on a busy night, no homos in sight, aside from myself! Great fun, live band, 80’s/ 90’s classics being played with a mix of some current vibes, cheap drinks AND the best part, the eye candy.

Being inside the bar was quite a temperature adjustment, good thing I was wearing a tank top and even though I was sweating, I knew everyone else around me was just as wet. I must say though, that the Blarney Stone has great shooter deals at $3 a shot and quite the list to choose from! We took advantage of this and an average beverage is about $5. Finding room to sit is another question, as this is a really popular watering hole on a Friday night. The Irish pub also boasts a menu of typical pub fare, a dance floor and a stage where the band performs.


The only way to escape the heat was to go outside for some fresh air and my friend Cheryl and I noticed a trio of very cute guys, as they reminded us of the three Musketeers. By this time, I’ve had quite a few to drink, so I started a conversation with them. The main reason I did so was because Cheryl had been eyeing one of them since we got there. They introduced themselves as Daniel Z, Daniel M and Szymon F. By the end of the night, the eight of us became fast friends and I even was able to get all three of their mobile numbers so that we can keep in contact, as I told them that I would write about my excursions to the straight bars. And yes, they are straight but hey, you can never make enough friends, I say! Blarney Stone is up on my one of my fave straight bars to party with your friends! More straight bar reviews to come, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to comment and let me know!

Submitted By: Ronn

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  • JC

    Great article Ronn. I think your description of the bar was detailed and gave me the sense that I would be able to fit in a straight bar.

    Please keep on writing and keep up the good work.