Many apologies for the delay with this week’s Man Crush. Definitely got side-tracked with a few site administrative items I had to take care of yesterday. Hopefully, this week’s selection will make up for the fact I left you hanging for a day. Meet Steven R. McQueen. He comes via a suggestion by one of our readers. McQueen is best known for “The Vampire Diaries” which I don’t watch, so I’m extremely thankful that he was pointed out to me.

The 23-year-old actor is the grandson of iconic film actor Steve McQueen. Only time will tell if he’ll be able to match his family’s legacy. He’s off to a solid start already. In his relatively short career, he’s racked up some notable credits. Along with the aforementioned Diaries, he had a recurring role on “Everwood” and guest spots on “Number3rs“, “Without A Trace” and “CSI: Miami”. His film credits include “Piranha 3D” and Disney’s “Minutemen”.

Just in case you were wonder what the “R” in his name stands for, it’s a shout-out to his stepfather, Canadian NHL hall of famer Luc Robitaille. When I first saw Steven, I could tell there was a bit of something/something in his lineage. Upon further research, I learned his grandmother Neile Adams (wife of Steven McQueen) was born in the Philippines and of Spanish, German, Filipino, Chinese and English descent. That mixed heritage definitely worked out in the genetics department for Steven R. McQueen. See if you agree after perusing through the selection of pictures I’ve picked out below.

Sooooo cute. Give this guy a couple of more years and he’ll be even studlier. He might even give his iconic grandfather a run for his money for silver screen stud honors in the family.

I wonder what he keeps looking at during his photo shoots.

I need to start watching “The Vampire Diaries”. I’m sure he’s even sexier when he talks and moves.

SERIOUSLY. I REALLY need to watch this CW show. With so many cute guys, I’m surprised I’m not already on the show’s bandwagon.

Working on his fitness in the park.

Looks like those push-ups worked. His guns look locked and loaded in the left pic.

Loving the preppy collage.

If I was in his presence, I’m sure I’d be panting like a dog with my tongue hanging out also. Lucky bitch.

Gotta love a swoopy bang on a guy.

In this pic, I can definitely see his Filipino lineage. Loving the moles on his cheek.

That side smirk thing he does is uber sexy.

He sure loves working out with that dog. I’ll say it again. Lucky bitch.