Sports Stud: Steven Gerrard

For this week’s Sports Stud I’ve decided to highlight a well-known British soccer player by the name of Steven Gerrard. The 32-year old is the captain of the Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. For most of his career he has played centre midfield. To date, Gerrard is the only footballer to have scored a goal in an FA Cup Final, a League Cup Final, a UEFA Cup Final and a Champions League Final. Props to him for that!

Like most soccer players, Gerrard has a great body and very sexy legs. One of the standout features of his body though is definitely his abs. There’s one photo in particular that is just insane… total washboard. Not surprisingly, I’ve read that in the past he was voted by gay football/soccer fans in the UK as “hottest football player”. Needless to say fans went crazy when cameras captured him giving a kiss on the lips to one of his teammates (obviously I’ve included that below – hehe).

Gerrard got married back in 2007 and the year before that, he published an autobiography about his life. He and his wife Alex share three daughters. Check out his photos below!

Your first look at him shirtless. Hot right?

Here’s the crazy abs one I mentioned earlier. I want abs like that!

Gerrard having a little bevy in Veges.

Twice the hotness in this one!

Sexy soccer legs exposed 😉

Leather jacked + a little tease of his stomach = yum 🙂

I feel like he looks like Robin Thicke in this one.

In this one it looks like he’s directing traffic… and we must obey 😉

Gerrard Kissing One Of His Teammates