Model Behavior: Steven Dehler

After a couple of weeks featuring high fashion models for my Model Behavior series, I thought I’d go a little gayer and buffer this time around. Steven Dehler is an up-and-coming model from southern California- as if you couldn’t tell from his blond hair and blue eyes. He’s been modeling for a few years now, and a natural, modeling swimwear and other merchandise that shows off his sexy body. He doesn’t do frontal nudity (a classy girl never does), but clearly has no problem showing off some skin.

Dehler grew up in Simi Valley and attended junior college in Santa Clarita. He decided to model on a whim and hasn’t turned back since. In his spare time, he plays the piano and works out at the gym. As mentioned earlier, Steven is indeed a “mo” and can be seen tending bar in West Hollywood. You’ll just have to settling for flirting or ogling from afar. He’s engaged to his longtime boyfriend. Check out all of Steven’s assets below and enjoy.

Steven Dehler Model Stats

Height: 6’0″
Weight: 185
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue

Studly as shizz. Those aviators look so good on him, I’d let him keep them on BUT nothing else.

Too bad paramedics didn’t issue the right as mandatory uniforms.

Even in this black and white pic, his eyes sparkle.

Awwww, how cute. He’s pledging his allegiance of love to me *wink*

Bootylicious. I can definitely handle all that jelly.

Man, he really loves putting his hands on his chest. I would too, if I had those pecs.

Even with another hottie beside him, you can’t take your eyes off of him.

You know he’s flexing hardcore and sucking in for his life. LOL.

He cleans up pretty well. WOOF or should I say WOLF.

Keeping his balls all nice and toasty.

Back from his twinky days. I see he’s removed his nipple rings since then.

One last shirtless pic of him to tide you over til next week’s Model Behavior hottie.

  • Sassy pantaloons

    That “hottie beside him” is gay pornstar Ash Taylor