Back in September, this video made it’s rounds and conversation went crazy. However, I hadn’t seen the video until yesterday so for those of you who also may not have seen this action go down, you’re welcome. I’m happy to share it with you. X Factor host and recent Man Crush Steve Jones pulled quite the practical joke on one Jake Shears when the two presented a band on UK television. Without hesitation, Jones planted his lips on Shears after calling for more masculinity. I agree Steve, male-on-male kissing is supes totes masc. In an interview with After Elton back in September, Jones talked about the incident.

AfterElton: You ambushed him with a kiss, and trust me our readers noticed that. What prompted you to kiss Jake that way?
Steve Jones: Well, because I thought it would be funny and because I’m a big fan of Jake, and I knew he would take it the right way. And I would do anything for a laugh, and the look on his face – the shock was well worth it. I never considered ‘Is it okay to kiss a man on TV?’ I’m personally one of those “Who gives a shit, everyone is doing what they are doing, no one is getting hurt and everyone is having fun do whatever you like” people. That’s never an issue for me to kiss a man. I can do that any day of the week.

AE: The look on his face was utterly priceless.
SJ: It was wonderful. It was wonderful and I’m glad I did it. He came up to me afterward and he’s such a sweet guy and he came across and said ‘Was my breath smelly? I felt like I had onions before…” No, no, no, minty fresh. Don’t worry about it, Jake. It was a good kiss. [laughs]

You wouldn’t have to ask me twice… with either of them. Am I right? Check out the cheeky little clip below.

Steve Jones & Jake Shears Kiss