Steve Grand Debuts ‘Walking’ Music Video & Previews His 2018 Calendar

Remember a couple years back when Steve Grand wanted people to stop posting shirtless pics of himself? Thankfully, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter changed his tune and no longer has a problem parading his stuff to move merchandise. Sex sells bish 🙂

First, he has two 2018 limited edition calendars to offer to his fans. Each with a unique set of photos, 13 to be exact all photographed by Zack Zerbe this past summer while Grand was living and performing in Provincetown. For speedo lovers, you’re in luck. It’s one skimpy revealing suit after another.

Grand also recently premiered a music video for his single, “Walking.” He reveals he shot the footage back in May in New Orleans. The final product didn’t exactly reflect his original idea for the clip, but wanted to share the silliness that was captured. Check out the John Lavin-directed visual below and a preview of his 2018 calendars.

Steve Grand ‘Walking’ Music Video

Steve Grand ‘Limited Edition 2018 Provincetown Calendar

To purchase the Limited Edition 2018 Provincetown Calendars, click here.