Man Crush: Steve Grand

The public has spoken! Since you’re eating up the awesomeness that is Steve Grand, it was a no-brainer that the openly-gay country singer be my next Man Crush selection. There’s no denying the Chicago cutie is one sexy beast.

As I was doing research on Grand, and thanks to a few of our readers, I discovered the 23-year-old singer has more aliases than a Russian spy. Whether he goes by Steve Chatham or Finn Diesel, dude looks good in and out of clothes. Check out several photos of him below. While there’s no nudity, there are a couple pics with very visible penis lines. And if you haven’t already watched Grand’s music video, click here.

  • Josh

    Finn Diesel is a porn name if I’ve ever heard one…I’m sure there’s some fully nude pics out there somewhere

  • Yes! Those yellow shorts. I will never forget that image/those images in my life. I knew when I saw Buzzfeed’s post about Steve that he looked super familiar. So, I went to my guy candy folder on my hard drive + searched “yellow”. lol Sure enough, Finn Diesel’s pix popped up.

  • Was he a model too?

  • Cisco


  • Jr.

    Oh my gosh ….he’s just a dream!!! such a darn cutie <3

  • andrew

    The truth about Steve Grand is that he was born on Mount Olympus and is indeed the son of the Greek gods Hera and Zeus. If you doubt me just look at his pics. Mere mortals don’t look like that. Steve is a Greek god pretending to be one of us.

  • Brayden

    Wow! Best man crush yet!

  • Anthony

    You do know there are images of Steve Grand’s perfect butt, don’t you?

  • joe joe

    OMG! WOOF! Oh yeah,, OMG! WOOF! I’d love to unzip those jeans ever so slowly and just kiss all down that steamy HOT HAPPY TRAIL! KISS it ALL THE WAY DOWN! WOOF!