Steve Grand: An Openly-Gay ‘All American Boy’

Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love country music. My love for country music is now a couple years old or so, but I despite the newness I really do enjoy it. I mean, Shania Twain essentially made everyone a country fan right?

So, today, when I was reading my BuzzFeed, I was extremely excited to see the headline: “First out gay male country star!” We all know how gorgeous country men can be, and with their smooth voices and bitchin’ biceps it’s a match made it heaven. Now, enter Steve Grand who pretty much fits the bill of what I love in a country man to a tee, still, there is definitely more to this singer than meets the horny eye.

What I love about country is the melodrama in every song: the longing and the aching of your true love. The pain in the super dramatic lyrics (hmmm, me liking something super dramatic? Groundbreaking, right?). Well, what if you put a gay twist on it? At first I was worried that “All American Boy” was going to play out like a soft core porn, in the end it actually really got me in the feels. When “Teenage Dream” came out by Katy Perry (whom I can’t stand), it gave me the feeling of a summer romance. This does the same thing, although it doesn’t have as much of a happy ending. Scott is singing about his “all American boy” who he falls for one night by the fire; they hang out and even kiss. It’s what happens after that gets you, and who hasn’t been in that situation?

This song took me right back to my teenage years when all you wanted was a great summer love. I really do like this song. I love the video and I am absolutely in awe of Steve Grand. Will he make it? I don’t know. Nashville is not the most welcoming place to gals like us. His video however has gotten some traction. I first watched it with 910 views and 6 hours later it reached 35k which is damn impressive. I’m going to stick with this kid, see where he goes.

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Steve Grand ‘All-American Boy’ Music Video

  • Wes

    He’s absolutely gorgeous. Got a nice voice. I like the song and video. But I’ll have to hear more. Based on this song alone, he doesn’t sound country enough to me. I know the genre is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment but aside from the clothes, I’m not getting a country vibe at all.

  • Kevin

    I hope it’s real, but I can’t put my finger on why it feels like a publicity stunt for something. Something about it is just a little off.

  • Dan

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this guy and song…

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I had never heard of Steve Grand before today, nor the other actor in the video who is said to have been “Taylor” on Fratmen. They are both nice looking guys, and this is the kind of country music I could love.

  • jolincas

    I love it. He is gorgeous, the song is cool and the video is really sweet. And I love the fact of the straight guy not acting like a jerk after the kiss. Kind of remind me of my best friend’s reaction when I came out to him. He is one of the best men I’ve had ever known. His wife surely is one hell of a lucky lady.

  • Max

    Excellent song and video. Will be looking forward to more from this young man.

  • justin

    its sounds like something in the vein of hunter hayes but is coming more off like how lady gaga did country music. i get how its not pure country but seems like more of a pop leaning country song like taylor swift does sometimes.

  • Michael

    LOVE, Hot guys, good story, great voice. what’s not to like??

  • Sean

    I will openly admit that I’m not a country music fan, but Steve Grand may have me convinced to take another look. I had to watch the video twice I couldn’t stop. Still singing the song. Can’t wait to see more from him.

  • beachballsify2

    Is this guy not Steve Chatham? he’s a male model who modelled for DNA magazine and he had his own youtube channel with a few cover songs. you guys should do a feature post with his sexy photos

  • Damien

    Yeah right. Can’t stand the song. It’s like Ricky Martin going country. Seriously.

  • Matthew

    This is Steve Chatham from DNA mag. He has quite a spread of modeling photos. He’s a hot guy and his work should be showcased. I hope this sing doesn’t fall into the “One Hit Wonder” bargain bin.

  • Paul

    Beautiful video! REminds me of the ‘relationship’ with my high school bud.

    Word is Steve and the video’s director will be making more soon! Cann’t wait.

  • J. Charles

    I think Steve Grand is inspiring on many levels. Not only does he portray a raw masculinity that is easy to see and nice on the eyes, but he is challenging all of us to take off our masks. Be fully the person you are. I’m over twice his age and am still learning that fundamental life lesson

  • Mike

    lol…the story is kinda creepster! He spends the whole video trying to get the str8 guy drunk!!! He kept trying to give him that big ass bottle…bleh! Pass. He is hot though