Here comes the bride son! Here comes the bride son. According to Stephen Colbert that could very well be a possibility about Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons and his 27-year-old son Max. The political satirist poked fun at a recent interview Irons gave to Huffington Post about gay marriage. Here’s what the 64-year-old said:

“I just worry about that. I mean, tax-wise is an interesting one, because you see, could a father not marry his son?” Irons had said. “It’s not incest between men. Incest is there to protect us from having inbreeding. But men don’t breed, so incest wouldn’t cover that. Now if that was so, then if I wanted to pass on my estate without death duties, I could marry my son and pass on my estate to him. I don’t have a strong feeling either way.” – Jeremy Irons

Jeremy’s thoughts just opened up the door for comedians to take a shot at him. On The Colbert Report, the host said, “So, if gay marriage is legalized in England, Jeremy Irons’ son Max, get ready to make your father the happiest man alive,” Colbert joked. “I mean, after all, you’ve been together for 27 years. It’s time to put a ring on it.” Hilarious. He continued to make fun of Irons by saying:

“If you say you don’t have a strong feeling about an issue and you wish everybody well at the end, anything you say in between isn’t offensive,” Colbert criticized. “So thank you, Jeremy Irons, and please don’t stop talking about the issues — or do. I don’t have strong feelings either way.”

Watch Irons’ interview with Huffington post below. The good parts begin at the 29:50 mark. You can also catch The Colbert Report segment as well.

Totally superficial side note, but who knew Jeremy’s son was sorta hot? He’s going to look even more handsome when he hits his thirties. Mark my words. What did you think of Colbert’s jab? I love the bit about KoKo the bear. What do you think of Jeremy Irons’ thoughts on gay marriage? Sound off below.