Man Crush: Stephen Amell

This week’s Man Crush has been cock-teasing the gays for a long time. Meet Stephen Amell. He’s shown off his sexy body in two gay-themed television shows already. First, he appeared as a spin instructor on “Queer As Folk” and then dropped trou on the gay supernatural soap opera “Dante’s Cove“. Why wouldn’t he? He’s got some tasty assets. Earlier this month, Amell bared all yet again. This time for HBO’s “Hung” where he plays a busboy-turned-prostitute. His character plays a young rival to the show’s lead character Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane).

Stephen is a 30-year-old actor hailing from Toronto, Canada. He’s worked steadily in his native country and even won a Gemini Award (Canada’s Emmys). In the past couple of years, he’s started to make his splash on the US market. He’s guest starred on several primetime shows including “90210”, “CSI” and “NCIS: Los Angeles”. These roles lead to Stephen joining the cast of “The Vampire Diaries” as a werewolf for the show’s second season.

Now you can see him on a regular basis on this season of “Hung“. I gave this show a shot in its first season but was bored. Even Thomas Jane’s hotness couldn’t save it. With Amell on board, I’ll definitely have to give it a second look, and third, and fourth. Check out Amell’s hotness in several pics below. At the end of the post, I added a little surprise for you. You’ll have to keep reading to discover it.

Love a guy willing to take fashion risks. Not a patten and color match I would pick, but it works.

As you know, I’m a sucker for a guy in plaid.

A younger and clean shaven Stephen for those of you, who like your meat more chicken than beefy.

Personally, I like them a bit more rugged and scruffy. Those eyes are mesmerizing.

He’s almost unrecognizable with longer blond hair. This is a still from “Closing The Ring” where he co-starred with Mischa Barton and Shirley MacLaine.

Now we get to the good stuff. Stephen showing off skin during his “Hung” episode.

I really need to start watching this show.

Another one of Stephen from the show. You can see plenty more if you watch the episode. He’s got a nice plump booty.

Just in case you were wondering if looks run in his family. The answer is “yes”. Stephen has a younger cousin also in the business. Meet Robbie Amell. He recently popped up on ABC’s addictive new show, “Revenge”. His previous credits include “American Pie Presents: Beta House” and “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”.

  • I always thought his brother was hotter 😛

  • Jen

    He’s hotter than his cousin, Robbie. But Robbie is younger and looks more fun. 🙂


    Stephen is a 100% hotter than his brother! That Robbie is way ugly!

  • Dan

    Robbie is hotter

  • Stephen Amell so hot…
    i hope he will be do gay sex..
    want him as a gay actor …