Stephanie Pratt Gets a DUI


Oh boy. 23 Year old Stephanie Pratt from The Hills was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning (around 3:45am) as she was suspected to have been drinking and driving. After being arrested outside of Empire Nightclub, she was booked in jail in the San Fernando Valley. With a $5,000, she was released. What is it with this young Hollywood Starlets these days? Seriously. Publicity is one thing, but putting other people’s lives at risk is another.

Apparently, she was celebrating Holly Montag’s 26th birthday with other The Hills stars when it all went down. Hmm, interesting because in the previews, it’s Holly that Speidi sends to rehab! Looks like they have another one coming their way. I hope that the cameras were there and that the arrest is part of the show because as much as the “The Bitch is Back” on The Hills this season, I’m finding it to be quite boring, unfortunately. Stephanie was released later that morning, and will return to court for a hearing.

This isn’t Stephanie’s first arrest. She had been arresting in May of 2006 for theft and drug violations. Wow, the Pratts are such role models. I can see why Heidi wanted to marry into the family? Meh, Heidi fits in quite nicely. So does Holly for that matter. I wonder if Stephanie got an additional charge for not looking anything like her license. Enough with the lip injections and plastic surgery, girl!

As much as I love Stephanie…eww. Check out her mugshot from 2006. She cleans up well.