Stella McCartney Unveils U.K. Olympic Uniforms

With the 2012 Summer Olympics taking place in London, it’s only natural that the home team wants to look their best whilst competing against the world. Who better to design the UK athlete uniforms than one of the country’s great fashion ateliers. British designer Stella McCartney received the call to act as Adidas’ creative director for the upcoming 2012 London Games. The uniforms which will be worn by both Olympic and Paraolympic athletes were unveiled in a ceremony held at the Tower of London on Thursday March 22. Fancy.

“My first question for the athletes was, ‘What can I do for you?’ This isn’t about me, it’s about Team Great Britain. They all said ‘we need the technology,'” says McCartney. “There are seams you can’t mess up, there’s tons of things, home and away kits, in gymnastics you have to have symmetry or you’re marked down. But it’s been an incredible journey.”

Designing fashionable outfits is one thing, but trying to make them functional as well is of the utmost importance. Using the Union Jack flag as a starting point, McCartney wanted to modernise the iconic image and present it in a “contemporary way”. As with any creative endeavor, you’re bound to meet negative feedback with the final product. Personally, I like the uniforms, but they have drawn criticism for not including the St George and St Patrick crosses and being “too blue“. Apparently, people aren’t happy with Stella’s decision to swap out the red in the flag for turquoise. Instead the red has been used as accent color. Check out more of the uniforms below and decide for yourself.

Ummm, where’s the uniforms for the diving and swimming team? Does this mean they’ll be naked? LOL. If you noticed tennis player Andy Murray in the top picture, you’ll notice the uniform isn’t predominantly white. Even though the tennis competition is taking place at the All England Club, organizers are making an exception and allowing multi-color outfits at Wimbledon. How progressive.

Stella McCartney isn’t the only high fashion designer creating uniforms for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Both Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani are creating designs for the United States and Italian teams respectively. This might be the most fashionable Olympics yet. What do you think of Stella’s designs? Sound off below.

  • Josh

    The lack of red in the Union Jack is bizarre. These make Canada’s Beijing 2008 outfits look fashionable by comparison

  • Brian

    Good Lord No! I’m sorry,she may be a talented designer but this (in my opinion) is an epic fail!

  • anaymous

    Who cares – Jess looks hot in it!

  • Marcus

    They needed a hgh end designer to do this job

  • Aqua

    Why does Olympic Uniforms have to be soo Bland and Boring…
    Wheres the fun aspect, where r the funky colors…

    Huge FAIL