For today’s Olympic Hottie, you’re getting two for one as I highlight two brothers from France that are both athletes competing in Greco-Roman Wrestling at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London: Christophe Guenot (33) and Steeve Guenot (26).

Christophe (who competes in the 74 kg category) has already competed and although a medal winner in past Olympics (Bronze in Beijing 2008), he didn’t make the podium this year. Steeve (who competes int he 66 kg category) on the other hand will be competing tomorrow (August 7). He’s definitely one to beat considering he won the Gold Medal in his category at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Both of these guys are very hot and have participated in the sexy Dieux Du Stade calendars… Yum!

Brother posing together, with Steeve (top) and Christophe (bottom). Hahaha – I mean in the picture… not in the sexual way 😉

These guys are very supportive of each other as evident by the picture.

Preparing For 2012

An interview with the guys in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

Steeve Guenot

Weight: 66 kg / 146 lbs
Age: 26

Steeve in the Dieux Du Stade calendar – woof!

Steeve tackling his equally hot competition.

Watch for this handsome face tomorrow!

Christophe Guenot (33)

Weight: 74 kg / 163 lbs
Age: 33

The good looks run in the family!

…So call me maybe 😉

Grr, check out those legs!