Just in time for a hot weekend, we’ve got a new Steam Room Stories episode to share with you. This one is called “The Gay Audition Movie Kiss” and I think you’re gonna like it. Actually, you’re not the only one. Someone from Nigeria also left a comment on the video that I simply had to include in this post. He wrote:

“OMG I am all the way in Nigeria (where homosexuality is illegal), I am in an internet cafe, surrounded by stinky men, internet is slow, and I? STILL managed to watch this! That just shows how dedicated I am to this channel.”

While sitting in the steam room, two hot guys discuss how to kiss for camera because one of them has an audition he has to prepare for. Luckily the other guy knows exactly how to take on this very difficult task and show him how it’s done. There’s a lot of build up and in the end it doesn’t disappoint. Just the way I like it 😉 Pucker up and enjoy the video below!