Steam Room Stories: St. Patrick’s Day

Steam Room Stories is back with another video and this time the guys are all stoked to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Come to think of it, I’m excited too. Ever since I was young, my parents used to give me someone on St. Patrick’s Day because my name is Patrick, of course.

In this new Steam Room Stories episode, the guys start to drink for the occasion (in the steam room of all places) and they get drunk quite quickly. So fast that they realize that they’re probably going to get blackout drunk like they did last year. So blackout drunk that whatever happens they won’t remember the next day and even if they did, would never tell anyone. As you can imagine, one thing leads to another and…

Hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and don’t forget to wear green. Drink responsibly… especially when in a steam room 😉

Steam Room Stories: St. Patrick’s Day

  • Martin

    i love those 2 guys…. all the other guys are funny cameos….I always look forward to seeing these guys when they are on …