Here’s a little bit of fluff, perfect for lazy Saturday day. Steam Room Stories is a weekly web series, where hot men in towels discuss various topics while enjoying a relaxing steam room session. Think “The View” meets “SNL” meets “PG Gay Porn”. “If you’re hot, sticky and wet, you’re in the steam room…” Join Hunter, David, Josh, Brad, and Ross as they make fun of everything from Bieber, gay underwear, Obama’s healthcare, gay porn stars and more.

The one embedded below features two guys working some really cheesy gay pickup lines in hopes of landing a buff stud. The two go back and forth, spewing some of the most cringeworthy lines ever heard. But eventually one of the lines work on baiting the “straight” boy. Which one will it be? Here are a couple of zingers below:

“Are you a general, because you have my private standing at attention.”

“There are 208 bones in the human body. You want another one.”

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