Sneak Peek @ Stars In Danger: The High Dive

Is it wrong that I’m extremely excited for this FOX special to air this week? Ever since the cast was announced a few weeks ago, I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat. The cast is kinda brilliant. You have two Real Housewives, a couple of Baywatch stars, a Jersey Shore alum and some decent eye candy in Speedos. Definitely guilty-pleasure viewing at its finest.

Stars in Danger: High Diving is a two-hour special pitting celebrities against each other as they learn to channel their inner Olympic diver. ABC has a similar show in the works titled Celebrity Splash, but FOX sneaked in there airing its special a couple of months earlier than the alphabet network’s new series. Shady, shady, shady. Forget the ballroom, it’s all about the pool these days.

If both shows are a ratings success, can we expect networks to put celebrities in more perilous activities, like gymnastics and downhill skiing? Fingers crossed. Check out a few pics of the guys in their form-fitting Speedos below, along with a couple of promo videos.

Stars In Danger: Whose 'Pool' Do You Want To Dive Into?

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Who do you think will win Stars In Danger? JWOWW, Twitch, a Housewife? Are you going to tune in to FOX’s special? Or are you holding out for ABC’s Diving With The Stars, I mean Celebrity Splash 😉 Sound off below.

  • Steve-O

    Wow they spun this off? Were airing our own version in the UK at the moment and it is hosted by Tom Daley.