Starbucks Gets Super-Sized And Introduces The Trenta

I worked at Starbucks on and off for six years and while working there, you learn a lot about its history which of course falls into why the sizes are called what they are. Let me fill you in. When Starbucks first opened, they only had two sizes: Short (8oz) and Tall (12oz). When they expanded, they added the Grande size (16oz) and the Venti size (20oz). Venti means 20 in Italian so it made sense to call it that. However, a Venti cup when it comes to cold beverages is actually 24oz, giving you that extra kick of coffee you sometimes need.

But now, Starbucks has listened to their customers and is giving them what they want… an even BIGGER iced cup to give you more caffeine and ultimately, make you pee more. Welcome the new Iced Trenta cup. Again, going along with the Venti thing, Trenta means 30 in Italian. However, the iced cup is actually a whopping 31oz and according to some new reports, that’s bigger than the human stomach. Let me explain. The average capacity for the human stomach is 900ml. So how many mils is 31oz? 916. Wowza. Where is all that coffee going to go?

14 states in the US will roll out the new size iced cup today with the entire nation rolling it out May 3rd. The new cup size was market tested in Phoenix, Tampa and Atlanta last year and obviously did well. So which 14 states are lucky enough to experience a larger iced coffee beverage? Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona. So what’s the cost of the new cup? According to the original tests, it is only 50 cents more than an iced venti drink.

No official release from the Starbucks Coffee Company yet, but I’m sure with the roll out will come an official press release. So with a 40th anniversary comes a new logo, new adventures and new coffee addictions. Way to ring in the 2011 Starbucks! Who’s pumped for 31 ounces of coffee goodness?

  • Rick

    Doesn’t surprise me if it’s true, but You sure this is legit? Starbucks pulled a decent April Fools Joke last year with their published page launching their new PLENTA(big gulp size) and Micra (2oz) cup sizes…

  • CJLP

    I would be beyond HAPPY if this is true. A venti is usually never enough for me.