Star Trek Rebooted


J.J. Abrams is directing a new Star Trek movie that’s coming out May 8th of this year. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan, and I’ll definitely be going to see it.

ST: The Next generation was a favourite t.v. series growing up. Here’s a great mash-up I found on YouTube that shows Captain Picard in a whole new light:


Sigh, I wish Riker would look at me like that.

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  • Genius! Thank you Topher. I loved TNG… will you be my date to see the movie. Riley will absolutely refuse to go.

  • Oh oh – can I come?! Stephen won’t see it either =P Brilliant montage Topher – thanks for finding it!

  • Stephen

    I’m confused… where’s does R2D2 fit into all of this? And his sidekick Pizza the Hut?

  • oh stephen, you’re like a martian.

    i’m by no means a trekkie but the reboot looks pretty good. count me in as well

  • Geek theme party?

  • Oh hell yes Topher!!