Star Trek Into Darkness Tops Box Office

Star Trek into Darkness was projected to open in the neighborhood of $100 million. It didn’t quite reach that but raked in $70.6 million over the weekend and $84 million since its Thursday opening. The first Star Trek film opened in early May of 2009 and made an impressive $75.2 million on its first weekend out of the gates, without the benefit of 3-D surcharges. Perhaps the four year gap was too long and fans simply didn’t care anymore. With opening box office numbers so important these days, it’s a bit hilarious that a film that rakes in this much is considered somewhat of a disappointment.

Dropping to second in its third frame is Iron Man 3. The Robert Downey Jr. flick added another $35.2 million to its domestic total. The film also passed the $1.1 billion mark worldwide this weekend. Rounding out the Top 3 was The Great Gatsby. In its second weekend, the Baz Luhrmann adaptation brought in another $23.4 million to a total of $90.2 million. Believe it or not, the Australian director has never had a film gross more than $100 million domestically. Next week, he’ll finally achieve this milestone. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

  • 1. Star Trek Into Darkness: $70,555,000 ($84,091,000 total since Thursday opening)
  • 2. Iron Man 3: $35,182,000 ($337,073,000 total)
  • 2. The Great Gatsby: $23,415,000 ($90,159,000 total)
  • 4. Pain & Gain: $3,100,000 ($46,574,000 total)
  • 5. The Croods: $2,750,000 ($176,750,000 total)
  • 6. 42: $2,730,000 ($88,735,000 total)
  • 7. Oblivion: $2,200,000 ($85,500,000 total)
  • 8. Mud: $2,160,000 ($11,588,000 total)
  • 9. Peeples: $2,150,000 ($7,858,000 total)
  • 10. The Big Wedding: $1,100,000 ($20,198,000 total)