Sports Stud: J.P. Calderon

I was inspired by all of the sunny weather lately to highlight an athlete from a summer sport, so this week I decided to put the spotlight on a sexy beach volleyball player: J.P. Calderon. The openly gay 36 year-old is a nationally ranked Association of Volleyball Professionals player, but you may also recognize him from elsewhere.

In 2006, Calderon was a contestant on Survivor: Cook Islands. He was the fourth cast member to be voted out, but as a result, Donovan ranked him as #4 in his post for The 10 Hottest Survivor Guys NOT To Make The Jury. While on Survivor, Calderon wasn’t out of the closet yet.

In 2007, Calderon joined the cast of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. He had long wanted to be a model and in episode 3 of Season 2, Calderon was approached to appear on the cover of Instinct magazine, a publication that requires that its male cover models be openly gay. With that, Calderon came out in the February 2007 issue, which included the cover, a photo spread, feature story and interview. “All of my fears, everything that I was scared of… it was the complete the opposite,” he said. “It’s been great. All of my friends, the volleyball world, absolutely everybody has been supportive. No one has shut me out.”

From what I was able to discover on Facebook, Calderon is happily attached to another hottie named Julz. Check out more pics of Calderon below.

I suddenly feel like going for a little dip in the pool.

That towel looks a little lonely J.P.. Care for some company?

No need to hide your “immunity idol” from me Mr. Calderon.

In a suit, or out of clothes, that smouldering look definitely wins me over.

Bump, set, spike! I’d volley his package any day.

J.P. should wear underwear all the time. He fills it out nicely.

  • Slade

    I have always thought he was like the finest man on earth!! Thanks!!

  • JP is a very beautiful man.

  • lordy

    so handsome