Sports Stud 2011 Showdown Round 3 (Sep – Dec)

Ho, ho, ho! We’re into Round 3 of the Sports Stud 2011 Showdown, where you’ll now be voting on the candidates that will joining the finalists from the previous two rounds and where next week, we’ll determine who the overall Sports Stud of the year is. There are sixteen new candidates to choose from below. I originally wrote their Sports Stud features between September and December of this year.

So who are these guys up against? The top two guys from Round 1 were sexy rugby players, Kayne Lawton and Daniel Conn. From Round 2 , it came down to decathlete Björn Barrefors in first place and rugby player, Dom Waldouck in second.

As I mentioned, there are sixteen guys below. Pick your favorites and next week all of your favorites will be pinned against each other (hold that thought for a second) and one winner will be decided by your votes. Enjoy!

Sean Lamont

Original Feature: Aug 20, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Well, because he looks like that and his teammates call him “schlong” because how how well endowed he is.

Rati Tsiteladze

Original Feature: Aug 27, 2011
Sport: Champion Fighter
Why I Chose Him: I wanted to pick a sport a little less common so given his insane body and flexibility, he was a great choice.

Lenny Krayzelburg

Original Feature: Sep 3, 2011
Sport: Swimmer
Why I Chose Him: Who doesn’t love a hottie in speedos? Also, he does a lot of LGBT equality and even swims in the annual Swim For Equality.

Mark Sanchez

Original Feature: Sep 10, 2011
Sport: Football
Why I Chose Him: Considering he’s such a well known (handsome) football player, I was bound to cover him at some point. We had even chosen him as one of the the NFL’s Top 10 Hottest Quarterbacks.

Michael Sullivan

Original Feature: Sep 17, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Well, look at those pecs?! He also has some incredibly sexy pictures where he’s essentially nude… so that helps.

Neil Etheridge

Original Feature: Sep 24, 2011
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: He’s a sexy and very popular soccer player in the Philippines.

Brendan Hansen

Original Feature: Oct 1, 2011
Sport: Swimmer
Why I Chose Him: Again with the hot guys in speedos and with nice pecs. Kind of a no-brainer. He’s also one to watch with the Olympics coming up this summer!

Hudsen Taylor

Original Feature: Oct 8, 2011
Sport: Wrestling
Why I Chose Him: He’s also someone that has been doing a lot for the LGBT community. He started the Athlete Ally program, creator of Athlete Ally – “a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering athletes to consider their status as role models and be conscious of the words they choose, eliminating the homophobic language that is all too prevalent in sports”.

Louis Smith

Original Feature: Oct 15, 2011
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: He’s got an amazing body and is extremely flexible. He too is one to watch (potentially) with the Olympics coming up this summer!

James Haskell

Original Feature: Oct 22, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Beefy! Seriously, his pictures had me sold and his badboy past side sealed the deal.

Danell Leyva

Original Feature: Oct 29, 2011
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: Another hot male gymnast with some pretty sexy pictures. Woof!

Alexander Cheesman

Original Feature: Nov 5, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: He’s got supermodel good looks and a killer body to match.

David Testo

Original Feature: Nov 12, 2011
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: I chose him because at the time he had recently come out of the closet and he’s definitely eye candy.

Georges St. Pierre

Original Feature: Nov 19, 2011
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
Why I Chose Him: Incredible body and last year, he was named Canadian Athlete of the Year. Just the other day, I was in the store and saw his very own workout video set!

CJ Wilson

Original Feature: Nov 26, 2011
Sport: Baseball
Why I Chose Him: His Funny or Die video caught my attention, but on top of that, he totally has that hot straight boy look going on.

Trey Hardee

Original Feature: Dec 3, 2011
Sport: Decathlete
Why I Chose Him: He’s super hot with a totally chiseled body, and he’s likely someone to watch at the 2012 Olympics.

2011 Sports Stud Showdown: Who's The Hottest Sports Stud From Round 3? (check all the apply)

  • Rati Tsiteladze (1,033 Votes)
  • Danell Leyva (250 Votes)
  • Neil Etheridge (239 Votes)
  • Sean Lamont (185 Votes)
  • Alexander Cheesman (165 Votes)
  • Brendan Hansen (145 Votes)
  • James Haskell (90 Votes)
  • Hudsen Taylor (51 Votes)
  • Mark Sanchez (45 Votes)
  • Michael Sullivan (45 Votes)
  • Lenny Krayzelburg (45 Votes)
  • Trey Hardee (36 Votes)
  • Georges St. Pierre (34 Votes)
  • CJ Wilson (33 Votes)
  • Louis Smith (22 Votes)
  • David Testo (21 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,767

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