There are no words!!! Seriously, I’m absolutely speechless. This has to be the most outlandish and cheesiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. If you can’t wait til Tuesday, March 19 for ABC to premiere its newest celebrity reality competition, you’re in luck. The network released the first few minutes of Splash.

The over-the-top intro begins with what looks like your typical red carpet with photographers and stars strutting in their fancy duds. Turns out it’s a big ‘ol fake out. The red carpet is actually a diving platform. One by one they jump off performing ballroom type of choreography. If that wasn’t enough, synchronized swimmers wearing high heels and acrobats propelled by a swinging pendulum pop up. That’s all before the “celebrities” are introduced.

One thing is certain from the preview. What the ABC diving competition lacks in male eye candy when compared to FOX’s one-time diving special, “Stars In Danger: The High Dive,” which aired a couple of months earlier, the alphabet network makes up in budget. No expense was spared in this splashy (excuse the pun) intro.

The one person I was looking forward to seeing was Chuy Bravo jumping off the 10m platform. Sadly, ABC confirmed the Chelsea Lately star is injured and can no longer compete. BOO. The only other person remotely tuning in for is freeskier Rory Bushfield. He looks kinda cute and I gotta support a fellow Canuck.

What do you think of the intro? Does it entice you to tune in on Tuesday to watch Splash? Which celebrity do you think is going to win? Sound off below.